Distribution and logisticsDelivering what you need, when you need it, where you need it

DKSH distribution and logistics services

We offer you:

  • An unmatched logistics infrastructure and distribution centers to transport, store and distribute your products across Asia
  • Many additional specialized services including: product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, logistics, repackaging, invoicing, cash collection, supply chain management and e-fulfillment
  • A global SAP platform, one of the largest in Asia, which you can align your IT system with to receive valuable direct data, such as outlet level transactions, for informed decision-making

We offer

  • The largest and most comprehensive logistics infrastructure in Asia
  • 160 distribution centers which distribute consumer goods products, representing more than 1,900 suppliers and 1,600 clients, delivering to more than 500,000 customers
  • Our own warehousing and third-party logistics services
  • 40 state-of-the-art healthcare distribution centers

Your benefits

  • Our existing distribution network allows us to roll out any product within 30 days
  • You receive a comprehensive and complete scope of services and infrastructure, which gives you a real competitive advantage
  • You have access to cost-effective and efficient distribution and logistics services across Asia