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DKSH Partners with Trautec to Grow SRHC Animal-Free Human Collagen Technology in Canada and the USA

DKSH Partners with Trautec to Grow SRHC Animal-Free Human Collagen Technology in Canada and the USA

DKSH has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Trautec, a leader in revolutionary recombinant human collagen technology for skincare and haircare, in Canada and the USA. By distributing Trautec’s ingredients for the personal care industry, DKSH will boost business opportunities for the partnership in Canada and the USA.

Zurich, Switzerland, June 12, 2024 – DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, will provide business development, marketing, sales, logistics, and distribution services for Trautec’s trademarked SRHC ingredients, including ReCol3, ReCol17 (a finalist of the 2024 CEW Beauty Awards,) MiniReCol3, and MiniReCol17.  These ingredients offer remarkable stability and efficacy in addressing various skincare solutions, such as anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, UV damage mitigation, anti-inflammation, as well as promoting hair density and scalp repair.

Trautec is a pioneer in the development of medicine-oriented recombinant human collagen (SRHC). SRHC offers an animal-free recombinant collagen derived from eukaryotic yeast using advanced bio-engineering techniques. SRHC achieves 100% homology and biocompatibility through a multi-step purification process, ensuring optimal active sites and high stability that emulate human collagen. This innovative approach eliminates potential risks and biosafety concerns associated with collagens sourced from animals.

DKSH has been entrusted to grow Trautec’s business in Canada and the USA thanks to its extensive distribution network, knowledgeable commercial and technical teams, strong capabilities in logistics, and its valued services, including innovation and formulation and market research and analysis.

Song Qian, CEO and Founder, Trautec, commented: “Our goal is to become the foremost biotech platform globally, specializing in the intelligent and sustainable creation of recombinant collagen, with a steadfast focus on the safety and effectiveness of its products. The SRHC is increasingly popular in the cosmetic and regenerative medicine sectors, offering vast opportunities for innovative solutions across a wide range of consumer products. We are excited to have DKSH on board for this journey, as their considerable experience, knowledge, and global network in the beauty and personal care market will help us enter an exhilarating growth phase.”

Roland Kraut, Vice President, Personal Care Industry, DKSH, added: “We are delighted to partner with Trautec to distribute their SRHC recombinant human collagen technology for skincare and haircare in the personal care industry, in Canada and the USA. Our robust distribution network and value-added service offering will enable us to increase growth and market penetration for Trautec’s range of ingredients for the personal care industry.”


About Trautec

Trautec is a pioneer in the field of synthetic bioscience and technology, particularly known for its focus on the development, production, and sales of new biomaterials and innovative protein/nucleic acid drugs. The company, with nearly 40 years of experience in the medical device industry, is dedicated to advancing the production of recombinant human collagen (SRHC) and operates a comprehensive industry chain platform that integrates biosynthesis with medical device transformation capabilities. Trautec holds a significant number of patents and is deeply invested in research and development, emphasizing the exploration of novel biological materials for repair, regeneration, anti-aging, and disease treatment. Trautec's journey is marked by several milestones, including the establishment of enduring partnerships with more than 1,000 hospitals across China, which has led to an extensive repository of clinical data and a leadership position in the industry. Its innovative efforts have been recognized through various awards and the expansion into the US market, demonstrating Trautec’s ambition to expand its impact globally. The company's intellectual property portfolio includes patents related to recombinant collagen core sequences and certifications that underscore its role as a leader in synthetic biology and biomaterials manufacturing.