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Enriching People’s Lives By Recycling Plastic Waste in Vietnam Listen with ReadSpeaker Articles

Enriching People’s Lives By Recycling Plastic Waste in Vietnam

Like many emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is grappling with a critical plastic waste crisis. According to a World Bank study, an estimated 3.1 million metric tons of plastic waste is discharged on land in Vietnam and at least 10 percent of this goes into the ocean.

Most plastics polluting Vietnam’s waterways are single-use, low-value items including plastic bags, food containers, and straws, The Vietnam National Plastics Action Partnership says the amount of plastic in waterways could more than double by 2030 if the country’s current waste collection, recycling, and treatment processes are not improved.

Across Vietnam, just 27 percent of the plastic waste generated each year is recycled. To address this concern, the Government has updated its law on environmental protection as it pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Playing our part to raise awareness about environmental problems and promote sustainable plastic use in the market, DKSH collaborated with Limloop in Vietnam to organize the Plastics Reborn Project 2023 through a recycled bags design workshop for our employees. Limloop’s mission is to recycle used nylon into useful bags and other fashion accessories.

The event attracted more than 1,000 participants from seven different locations across Vietnam. They collected over 106 kilograms of plastic bags throughout the competition. These bags will be recycled by Limloop and turned into exclusive DKSH merchandizes like tote bags, laptop covers, and card holders.

Plastic Reborn is not only about waste reduction, but also about empowering employees, fostering environmental consciousness, and creating tangible, recycled products that contribute to DKSH Vietnam's commitment to sustainability.

At DKSH, our purpose is to enrich people’s lives. We do so by providing reliable access to high-quality and responsible products and services, creating sustainable value for our partners, and contributing to raising the quality of life in the communities we operate in by generating jobs, perspectives, and opportunities for people’s development and growth.