A sustainability x office renovation project

DKSH has launched an FLG initiative—Faster, Leaner, Greener, since 2020. The aim is to optimize efficiency, streamline operations and green our environment. However, the connotation of this groupwide initiative is much profound than its literal definition.

To drive the initiative further in Hong Kong and to take into consideration the impact of the pandemic, the market evolution, heightened operational agility, and ensure on staff's health and safety, the Hong Kong management team declared a nine-month renovation project for our local headquarters. In translating both the initiatives and concerns, four design elements were concluded: optimization through technological upgrade; collaboration through office design; sustainability through EsRR (energy saving, reuse and renew); and staff caring through enhanced working environment. 

Leaner - Collaboration through open office is no new concept. But merging two levels of staff of over 120 people into one open area might be a challenge—balancing between formulating a synergetic environment and preserving the required operational security and confidentiality.  A specially designed two 4-seaters booths, the Cubes, and various mini rooms and meeting rooms in different scales were innovatively built as the resolution.

Faster - Technological advancement has been an unwavering partner for optimization and strengthening the bridges between people. From equipment upgrade to escalating wifi speed, the new settings expedite dialogues between internal and external stakeholders, and between offices and warehouses across the markets. We are all set for full virtual mobility.

Greener – energy saving, reuse and renew play the core. By dismantling the walls, sunlight and greenery scenery receive a warm welcome. LED lightings are now controlled by zoning with various automatic infra-red sensors—lights within a zone will be automatically switched off if no one is around the area.

To minimize wastage, a feasibility study was carried out to evaluate what and how existing furniture, electrical appliances and fixtures can be reused, renewed, or retrofitted. Eventually, the team is proud to have successfully expanded resources’ lifespan and minimized public landfill burden by retaining all office chairs, meeting room tables, fridges, and even, the door frames, to name just a few. It is together with sourcing sustainable, environmentally friendly and low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) construction material, the new office is now fueled with green energy.  

Staff caring –Social distancing compliance, ergonomic design and back-to-back spacing between consoles, were just a few among the many elements considered. Air quality was addressed with the new air conditioning, filtering treatment system, and air purifiers installed to enhance ventilation and exhaust. The reconstructed lavatories are now geared up with automatic and touchless devices to adhere to the tightened hygiene measures. At the initial phase, simulation was set up for staff trial to collect users’ feedback.

The management and the project team are delighted with the successful merge between the Group’s FLG initiatives and local strategies. This is also representing our sustainability dedication and guarantee to our clients, customers and the local market.


  • Reception

    A stylish and bright greeting area to welcome our visitors.

  • Feature wall

    It tells our market expansion coverage.

  • Boardroom

    Natural lighting with upgraded technology to streamline virtual conference experience with internal and external stakeholders. The oval table and chairs are reused to reduce wastage.

  • The Cubes

    The two 4-seaters booths surrounded by acoustic material and independent sockets allowing staff to have a quick brainstorming sessions without disturbing others.

  • LED lightings

    LED lightings are now controlled by zoning with various automatic infra-red sensors, meaning the lights will be automatically switched off if no one is in the office.