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Are you looking for a robust and reliable car parking solution to increase convenience, loyalty and engagement for your users? With over 30 years of experience, we can provide you with a solution to maximize your ROI and streamline your parking experience.

With more than 600 installations in Hong Kong, we help organizations to reduce traffic and emissions, increase revenue and allow drivers to enjoy a smooth, stress-free parking experience.

We develop value-added solutions that can be integrated in your car parking system, such as Parking guidance system, Vehicle location system, License plate recognition system, Electrical vehicle charging system and LED information display system.

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Industry Providing reliable parking solutions to various industries, we enhance parking experience in Hong Kong.

We provide touchless, cloud-based rental solutions to enhance the parking experience in Hong Kong’s residential buildings. Our solutions come with auto-gage opening, e-payment, guest pre-register arrangement and more.

It can also cater to different scenarios, such as monthly, hourly, taxi, school bus and courier delivery.

With minimum investment, buildings can reduce significant management costs by minimizing manpower and third-party payment commission fees.

We provide tailored car parking solutions for retail and shopping centers. Your customer’s experience starts and ends in the parking lot. 

Our solution ensures a seamless and hassle-free parking experience for shoppers. Accurate, turn-by-turn parking guidance within shopping center parking lots helps drivers find a spot near their destination quickly and easily. 

Solving their parking search also reduces traffic congestion and improves traffic flow which minimizes a shopping center’s carbon footprint.

Our tailored parking solutions can help you streamline facility parking and maximize employee productivity and engagement.

We also provide tailored parking solutions for:

  • Government sector
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Stadiums
  • Non-commercial
  • Theme parks

Our solutions From reservation to payment, we develop the most innovative solutions that ensure an one of a kind experience for your customer.

Many drivers appreciate the option of reserving a parking space at their destination ahead of time. Our solutions make this possible without wasting valuable parking spaces.

Unlike the traditional parking structures that require significant manpower to manage incoming and outgoing cars and tickets, our license plate recognition system brings you a higher level of parking operation and maximizes the turnover rate of your parking spaces.

The technology clearly and precisely identifies the license plate number, records arrival and departure times of the vehicle and also provide with images for fee calculation and evidence use.

Turn-by-turn parking guidance within parking lots helps drivers find a spot quickly and easily. Solving drivers’ parking search also reduces traffic congestion and improves traffic flow, which minimizes your carbon footprint.


  • Show status by LED indicator providing instinct information
  • Guidance driver to available parking bay by LED signage system and indicators
  • Reduce traffic congestion and increase car flow
  • Real-time monitoring with video streaming

We offer a varieties of electrical charging solutions that can fulfil your requirements for areas including condominium, work, private parking, street or service station.  In addition to world leading charging equipment, our tailored solutions include:

  • Maximizes continuity of service while providing the highest possible EV charging capabilities in real-time
  • Distributes equitable energy among all electric vehicles while maximizing the power delivered to the charging stations and the number of vehicles that charge simultaneously
  • Provides time-of-use tariff scheduling to limit EV charging when electricity price is high, and to maximize it when is low (depending on the selected model)
  • One-time payment integration including charging and parking at kiosk

Our self-service kiosks can be an independent, effective solution for both small and medium-sized parking lots. It can also be integrated to Vehicle Location System, Payment System, Electrical Vehicle Charging system.

With our system, drivers don’t need to worry about forgetting where they park or their parking lot number anymore. The system guides them to their car on their mobile phone. It can also guide them to pre-reserved spaces when they arrive. Our solution makes the parking experience effortless and efficient.

Our LED information display system helps incorporate valuable parking information or advertising into parking guidance displays. This helps increase revenues for local retailers and to fund the parking guidance deployment.

Overly complex payment processes are one reason for non-compliance when it comes to paying for parking. With our system, payment is fully automated. This makes payment comfortable and seamless, and compliance automatic.

Flexible payment options

Offer practical payment options such as monthly invoicing or prepaid parking, where users can top up their card via credit card or bank transfer whenever the balance is running low.

Implement hassle-free payment by enabling automatic payment upon arrival. Transactions can be made via a prepaid account, monthly by credit card, or via PayPal.

Drivers receive a notification on their smartphone after departing from the parking space regarding the fee they have been charged.

New! Body Temperature Detection System - Intelligent Parking Assist Solution

Temperature Monitoring and Access Control System designed especially for car parking

With countries around the world actively fighting the spread of COVID-19, many public spaces have been implementing stricter temperature monitoring at front gates and side entries.

However, many have neglected the entrance of car garages and parking spaces, creating a leakage in the pandemic combatting effort. At DKSH, we developed a solution that combines temperature monitoring and gated control all in one.

How we work We bring your vision to reality by working collaboratively with your management and operations team, step-by-step.

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Since 1990, we have been developing car parking solutions to serve customers in Hong Kong. Our employees have the most experience in the market, together with strong technical knowledge and innovative minds to turn your car parking ideas into reality. You can count on us to provide the right solution for your business success. Together, we can drive to big things.