DKSH Business Line Food & Beverage Industry is a leading food ingredients distributor and global provider of Market Expansion Services for business partners in the beverage, dairy, confectionery and bakery, nutritional supplements, processed food and food service industries.

We provide food and beverage ingredients to manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, ranging from food raw materials to food additives and institutional products.

We help our customers to develop new innovative products and applications in collaboration with our valuable suppliers and our team of specialized staff.

What DKSH can do for you

With our long-standing business contacts and strategic market insight, we provide new and alternative sources for innovative food ingredients and food additives that help drive your business success. Through our comprehensive global network, which gives instant access to markets around the world, we provide responsible and traceable sourcing of hard-to-find food ingredients and raw materials.

We develop tailor-made new products, formulations and breakthrough applications in collaboration with our team of specialized staff from our dedicated award-winning innovation centers. Our market insight and broad overview enables us to scout for long-term trends in products and technology beyond short-lived fashions.

We provide all the required marketing and sales services as well as distribution and inbound logistics for companies lacking a global footprint. We have the capability to manage your entire supply chain, including import and export management, warehousing solutions and specialized services, such as labelling and invoicing.

Products we offer in the Food & Beverage industry

We provide food and beverage ingredients to manufacturers in the following sectors of the food and beverage industry:

Confectionery & Bakery

We provide a wide range of products and services to manufacturers in the confectionery and bakery industries.
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Confectionery & Bakery

We offer the following products:

  • Dough softner for bread
  • Egg replacer in cake/muffins/cookies
  • Emulsifier
  • Vegetarian-grade L-cysteine for flour improvement
  • Milk proteins for whip toppings
  • Bakery enzymes
  • Stabilizer/locust bean gum


Food Supplements & Nutrition

We provide a wide range of products and services to manufacturers in the food supplements and nutrition industries.
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Food Supplements & Nutrition

We offer the following products:

  • Bakery beta glucan fibres
  • Highly bioavailable CAVAMAX® coenzyme Q10
  • Highly bioavailable CAVAMAX® curcumin powder
  • Inulin
  • Oligofructose (FOS)
  • Pycnogenol
  • Vegetarian-grade L-systine and L-cysteine
  • Water dispersible coenzyme Q10
  • Water dispersible curcumin
  • Water dispersible ALA

Processed Food

We provide a wide range of products and services to manufacturers in the processed food and food service industries.
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Processed Food & Food Service

We offer the following products:

  • Cheese powder
  • Collagen casings – meat processing
  • CAVAMAX® W6 cyclodextrin as emulsifier
  • Dehydrated herbs and vegetables
  • Egg replacer for mayonnaise
  • Emulsifier
  • Stabilizer/locust bean gum


Beverage & Dairy

We provide a wide range of products and services to manufacturers in the beverage and dairy industries.
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FBI Beverage and diary

We offer the following products:

  • Antibiotic test kit for dairy products - DELVOTEST
  • CAVAMAX®W6 cyclodextrin as soluble dietary fiber
  • Dairy cultures
  • Dairy enzymes
  • Emulsifier
  • Microbial rennet
  • Fruit juice concentrates
  • Milk proteins for greek style yogurt
  • Nisin and Natamayacin as preservative for cheese, coconut water and rasgulla
  • Stabilizer/locust bean gum



Antibiotic test kit for dairy products

Globally, Delvotest® is a widely-used antibiotic test for the detection of antibiotic residues in milk and dairy products.

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Our services at a glance

We offer tailored services that create new opportunities for clients and customers including:

Get the most innovative materials worldwide

  • We source hard-to-find food and beverage ingredients through our global supplier network
  • We select reliable suppliers based on factory audits and evaluation of the main qualitative and economic parameters
  • We define product specifications in compliance with sales market regulations and customer requirements and identify and implement amendments to meet regulations
  • Our in-house quality control processes and logistics operations ensure excellent service and guarantee best practices
  • Through our comprehensive global network we negotiate the best purchasing and selling conditions

Develop new products, ideas and patents with us

  • Our teams of experts scout for new trends and food ingredients all over the world
  • Our innovation centers work on new concepts and formulations and enhance and troubleshoot existing products
  • We provide you with access to state-of-the-art know-how through our close cooperation with universities and industry associations

Benefit from our custom food manufacturing process control and superior quality

  • We scout, screen and manage third-party toll manufacturers
  • We provide quality management, SEQRA, REACH, cGMP audit and change control

Let us bring your products to new and existing markets

  • We develop market access strategies and turn ideas into success
  • We innovate new marketing ideas and concepts and create new market opportunities for existing ingredients, in accordance with local regulations
  • We handle import regulations and regulatory affairs through close contact with national and international regulators

We deliver in time, on budget and in line with your specifications

  • We deliver deep market insight and control across the entire supply chain, extending our comprehensive industry knowledge to you
  • We offer unparalleled expertise in logistics processes and provide just-in-time solutions for your manufacturing needs

We care about new products and accompany them all the way

  • Our experienced sales support are focused on your complete product and service satisfaction

Success stories

  • Creating a unique platform to introduce a taste of Japan to Thailand

    Platform to introduce Japanese food ingredients in Thailand

    DKSH hosted a private one-off mini trade show to showcase Japanese food ingredients and innovative food technologies in Thailand.

  • Ichitan’s “Bireley’s” brand relaunch in Thailand

    In 2014, DKSH initiated a growth strategy for its Business Line Food & Beverage Industry in Thailand. At the same time, Thailand-based FMCG company Ichitan acquired “Bireley’s”, a trademark brand specializing in fruit beverages, for CHF 6.7 million. Ichitan selected DKSH as a supplier of key raw materials for their Bireley’s beverage products in order to relaunch the brand in Thailand.

  • Cultivating success for DSM Food Specialties in South Korea

    In 2014, DKSH started a strategic regional collaboration with DSM Food Specialties BV, a leading global manufacturer of food enzymes, cultures, savory ingredients and other specialties for the food and beverage industry, to market its food enzymes and cultures in South Korea.

  • The search for soy

    Reliability, commitment and flexibility to fulfill the needs of our business partners add up to real solutions for a global economy.

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