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Cooking Up the Finest Chocolate Recipes in Japan Listen with ReadSpeaker

A newly-opened Japanese chocolate retail store turned to DKSH when it needed something special to entice consumers. The result was a customized chocolate product and a unique recipe developed at Condirama Japan, DKSH’s innovative confectionery training and development center in Yokohama, Japan.

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Max Felchlin AG (Felchlin Switzerland) is a Swiss niche producer of the finest couverture chocolates, focusing on the highest Swiss quality and traditional manufacturing processes. Felchlin Switzerland's couverture, made from carefully selected cacao origins and partly* with rare mountain meadow milk, is used by pâtissiers and chocolatiers globally.

Founded in 1908 and based in Ibach-Schwyz, Felchlin Switzerland has been a partner of DKSH in Japan for more than 30 years. DKSH additionally collaborates with Felchlin Switzerland and their partner Elucid to provide access to health insurance and local health centers and hospitals for cacao farmers in Ghana.

It was crucial for our new retail store to showcase our quality and unique chocolates. DKSH provided the perfect ingredients and expertise needed for us to create the new recipes to match local consumer preferences.


Discover the DKSH Condirama in Yokohama, Japan. Click here to watch the video.

*Please note: Since the mountain meadow milk powder is a very rare product, only the Opus range and the new Bolivia 45% are produced with mountain meadow milk, which makes them unique. For all other couvertures, Felchlin Switzerland uses high-quality Swiss milk powder collected within a radius of only 30 km around the factory.