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We ensure the long-term success of your brands and products with our after-sales services.

Operating with a state-of-the-art service management tool, you benefit from quick response times and fast diagnoses by our qualified field service engineers as well as optimized spare parts availability to maximize your product's uptime.

Our service engineers always provide you with up-to-date knowledge through our structured service trainings.

We offer you:

Core competences

We offer you:

  • Installation and commission
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Refurbishments and trade-ins
Best in class reporting

We offer you:

Our state-of-the-art digital platform captures all the data related to our installed machines which enables us to provide you with instant transparent reporting such as installed base analysis and service activity reports. To drive service performance and quality, we monitor our service performance with KPIs such as “utilization rate” of our service engineers, “efficiency”, “mean time response”, “mean time to repair” and “touch rate of installed equipment”.

Highly skilled service engineers

We provide you:

Our skilled and experienced service engineers are the heart of our service operation.​

We provide continuous in-house training programs to all of our service engineers so they can build bridges with you and maximize your service satisfaction.

Services we offer

  • DKSH-Technology-After-sales-services-installation-and-commissioning

    Installation and commissioning

    For new system installations, we ensure a quick and efficient start up. Our experts will be at your site when you power up the system.

    • Visual inspection of unit and installation
    • Performance verification testing
    • Operator training
    • Ensure unit is functioning properly with your equipment for optimal performance

  • DKSH-Technology-After-sales-services-calibration-services

    Calibration services

    Why calibrate?

    • Improve machine accuracy and keep your machine tool in specification
    • Reduce hours to mechanically align a machine
    • Accurate machines save money
    • Regular calibrations will help recognize abnormal wear and tear
    • Produce more accurate and precise results

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-preventive-maintenance

    Preventive maintenance

    Ensure your systems always function at their optimized condition with our regular maintenance services. They can also increase the life span and productivity of your instruments.

    • Performance verification testing based on recommendations by the manufacturer
    • Complete system and functionality testing
    • Improve performance and extend component life

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-repair-services

    Repair services

    A full range of repair services are available should the need arise. Our qualified and certified specialists provide timely and efficient servicing for your instruments whenever, wherever you need us.

    • Fast repair turnaround
    • Reduced instrument downtime

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-spare-part-supply

    Spare part supply

    We only use original spare parts and never compromise on quality. You can therefore always be sure that your device will continue to meet all of the required specifications even after repair.

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