Discover our comprehensive lab equipment services designed to optimize operations, minimize downtime, and ensure full compliance with accreditation standards. Stay ahead with our expert maintenance, calibration, and accreditation support, allowing your scientists to focus on your organization's core mission.

We offer you:

Installation and Commissioning

For seamless new system installations, we guarantee a swift and efficient start-up process. Our experts will be on-site as you power up the system, providing the following services:​

  • Visual inspection of the unit and installation​
  • Performance verification testing​
  • Operator training​
  • Ensuring the unit functions optimally for peak performance​


Preventive Maintenance

Ensure the long-lasting functional integrity of your system. Regular maintenance is key to enhancing the lifespan and productivity of your instruments. Our services include:​

  • Performance verification testing based on manufacturer recommendations​
  • Comprehensive system and functionality testing​
  • Performance improvement measures to extend component life​

Repair Services

Experience a comprehensive range of repair services when the need arises. Our qualified and certified specialists ensure timely and efficient servicing of your instruments, offering fast assistance whenever and wherever you require it. Highlights of our repair services include:​

  • Rapid repair services delivered by our team of experienced service technicians​
  • Swift turnaround times to minimize instrument downtime​

Spare Parts Supply

Unplanned downtime can be a significant setback, affecting not just productivity but also the accuracy and reliability of your results. To mitigate these risks and ensure your instruments perform robustly, you will need timely spare parts replacements. It is therefore crucial to have access to prompt and reliable spare part replacements. We can swiftly deliver authentic and manufacturer-approved spare parts to you, ensuring your equipment maintains optimal performance and compliance with all necessary specifications.​

Need help with instrument support?​

Take a look at our other services

Sample Testing

With our expertise in material sciences, life sciences, and chemical analysis, we can comprehend your analytical requirements and deliver reliable results.​

Turnkey Projects​

With our Turnkey Solutions, we aim to optimize the construction of facilities and utilities.​

Customer Training

Seminars, webinars, and end-user trainings we offer cover both practical and theoretical aspects of different industries and topics.​

Multi-Vendor Services

By offering comprehensive services beyond product offerings, we ensure optimal performance, calibration, and maintenance for a broad range of scientific instruments, providing you with a convenient, one-stop solution tailored to your needs.​

Application Development

Established in 2018, our APAC Center of Excellence develops technical and application expertise across the Material, Food, Pharma, and Life Science segments, providing customers with tailored solutions and supporting partners in expanding regionally.​


With our calibration processes designed to meet and exceed ISO/IEC 17025 standards, we focus not only on recalibrating instruments but also on providing comprehensive insights into your usage and maintenance.​

Overhaul and Trade-ins​

Our sustainable and innovative solutions extend the life of scientific instruments while keeping laboratories at the forefront of research.​


We offer specialized lab relocation services that are designed to maintain the integrity of your research environment while moving sensitive equipment.​

Lab Digital Solutions (LIMS)​

LIMS is a critical laboratory automation technology that streamlines workflows, automates processes, and integrates hardware to increase operational efficiency.​