As a dedicated provider to the global scientific industry, we offer an integrated solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. With our Turnkey Solutions, we aim to optimize the construction of facilities and utilities. Our comprehensive offerings encompass various sub-categories:

  • ​Conceptualization and Design​
  • Laboratory Construction​
  • Furniture Supply and Installation​
  • Validation and Certification​
  • Supply of Instruments, Consumables, and Chemicals​
  • Maintenance Services (AMC - Annual Maintenance Contracts)

We offer you:

Developing concepts and designs tailored to your specific requirements, we collaborate closely with our valued clients, ensuring meticulous adherence to international standards. The intricate design of facilities and laboratories is crucial, impacting cost efficiency and the seamless flow of personnel, materials, and test samples. Achieving accreditation necessitates strict conformity to international standards.​

Committed to excellence, our specialized team, drawn from various industries, is dedicated to delivering top-notch designs for your critical activities. Our designs prioritize optimal space utilization and align rigorously with international standards, with safety standing as a paramount criterion.​

In the construction of laboratories, elements such as wall partitions, flooring, false ceilings, and furniture are integral components. They are essential for the effective functioning of both cleanrooms and general labs.​

Our comprehensive offerings encompass a complete range of cleanroom partitions, ceiling systems, and flooring solutions. Designed to meet the stringent technical requirements of high-specification controlled environments, our ceiling panels are non-particle shedding, load-bearing, and walkable. They feature pre-formed cutouts for accommodating HEPA filters and other dedicated services. We provide diverse wall options, including freestanding, glass partitions, and cleanroom wall partitions constructed from various materials to suit specific requirements.​​

Whether you are planning a new laboratory or renovating an existing one, attention to detail is crucial. Flooring is a key consideration, and laboratory floors must be slip-resistant, non-staining, non-permeable, moisture-proof, durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Our flooring solutions cover a range of options, including vitrified, ceramic, and vinyl, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your needs.​

The incorporation of well-designed laboratory furniture significantly influences workflow, safety, and the efficiency and comfort of operators. Lab benches, chairs, stools, tables, work surfaces, and storage cabinets play vital roles across various facilities and laboratories.​​

Our comprehensive range of laboratory furniture caters to the diverse needs of every lab. Fume hoods, laboratory tables, sink units, storage cupboards, and other furniture options are available as standard units or can be individually customized to meet specific customer requirements. ​

Our furniture offerings are crafted from wood or metal sheets, providing flexibility for general labs, and stainless steel (SS) furniture tailored for cleanroom and controlled environments. Worktops and sinks are available in a variety of materials, allowing customers to choose based on application and specific requirements. Additionally, we extend our furniture solutions to office spaces.​

Validation constitutes a crucial aspect of facility and laboratory construction, ensuring adherence to standards. We collaborate with esteemed third-party validation and certification providers to validate facilities according to customer specifications. The validation and certification process aligns rigorously with international standards, facilitating customers in obtaining the necessary accreditation for their work.​

The provision of Instruments, Consumables, and Chemicals is a seamless extension of our services. Upon the completion of the facility or laboratory, the supply of equipment and instruments from our core and market-sourced range becomes an added advantage for our customers. ​

We manage the entire process, handling the supply, installation, and documentation of all instruments. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of supplying necessary chemicals, kits, and consumables, allowing customers to partner with a single supplier for all their regular requirements to operate their facilities and laboratories.​

Maintenance is an integral aspect of our comprehensive service offering. Our team of qualified engineers specializes in the repair and maintenance of instruments. We provide annual maintenance contracts for all the instruments we supply, as well as for instruments from other suppliers after the completion of warranty periods. This ensures that our customers can operate their facilities and laboratories seamlessly, free from any operational challenges.​

Need help with instrument support?​

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