Our Center of Excellence is a regional hub for APAC in developing technical and application expertise for a wide range of leading scientific instruments. ​

Launched in 2018, our vision is to create a platform equipped with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to become real experts in key segments: Material, Food, Pharma, and Life Science. Our mission is to provide our customers with the right expertise and solutions. We also want to enable our partners to grow and expand their business in the region.​

We have 19 demonstration labs worldwide to support our customers in segments including inspection, verification, testing, and certification companies, laboratories across various industries, government agencies, hospitals, research institutions, and universities.​

Center of Excellence

Meet the exceptional team at the Center of Excellence, Scientific Solutions, DKSH – a collective force of diverse talents blending academic prowess with industry expertise. Our team members bring a rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences.  From seasoned industry veterans to accomplished academics, our team provides unparalleled support and innovation, ensuring your scientific endeavors thrive under our expert guidance.​

Marco Farina

About Marco Farina

Marco Farina joined DKSH in February 2016 as General Manager, Business Line Scientific Solutions, Business Unit Technology. He oversees global business development and has spent the last ten years developing and growing business in different emerging markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. He now lives in Bangkok with his wife and two kids.

Articles by Marco Farina

About Potchara Sungtong

Potchara Sungtong joined DKSH Thailand in 2021 as Director, Food and Beverage overseeing the Asia Pacific region. With a background in food science and in microbiology, he brings with him over 20 years of experience in research and development, sales and marketing, channel management, and business development in food and beverages. Potchara has extensive knowledge in food safety, customer requirements, laboratory workflows, and lab efficiencies.

Articles by Potchara Sungtong

Sam Chien, Laboratory Consumables

About Sam Chien

Sam Chien joined DKSH in 2022. With more than seven years of experience in commercial and channel management of lab chemicals and life science consumables, he brings extensive experience in these areas. Sam is now the Senior Manager for laboratory consumables to help grow and expand the Life Science portfolio in the APAC region.

Articles by Sam Chien

About Gabriela Gillot

Gabriela is based in Zurich and has been with DKSH since 2011, helping the company expand its business in Asia. She has previously worked with several international brands in the life sciences sector and has vast experience in developing strong relationships with customers and business partners worldwide.

Articles by Gabriela Gillot

James Hsu

About James Hsu

James Hsu joined DKSH in 2019 as Business Development, DKSH Technology. In this role, he is responsible for growing the life sciences and scientific solutions business. His previous experience was accumulated in the bustling Asian genomics and proteomics sector, where he worked on bringing a digital PCR startup to market. James graduated from the University of California, San Diego.

Articles by James Hsu

Alan Boey

About Raquel Magalhaes

Raquel Magalhaes joined DKSH in 2023 as a Group Business Development Manager based at the Singapore office. She brings a wealth of experience in Biotechnology sales, cultivated through her impactful role at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and her research background with prestigious institutions. In her current role, she is responsible for driving sustainable growth in the Life Sciences sector.

Articles by Raquel Magalhaes

Chalanda Chulakham Material Science

About Chalanda Chulakham

Chalanda is the Thermal Analysis Specialist for DKSH Management overseeing the Asia Pacific region. In her PhD thesis, she developed and characterized polymer membranes for fuel-cell application. She has over 10 years of experience in Thermal Analysis Instruments and their applications. She also supports the thermal analyzer customers in South East Asia.

Articles by Chalanda Chulakham

Ruethaitip Tiratrakulvichaya

About Ruethaitip Tiratrakulvichaya

Ruethaitip Tiratrakulvichaya has been with DKSH in Thailand since 2009. As the Application Manager for the Malvern Panalytical product range, she is responsible for technical and application support across Southeast Asia. With a background in food science and agroindustry, she is experienced in delivering training to both internal colleagues and external customers on how to operate and obtained the best data.

Ruethaitip has extensive working knowledge in material characterization techniques including laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, micro-calorimetry, size exclusion chromatography and morphological property.

Articles by Ruethaitip Tiratrakulvichaya

Four applications we specialize in

Food Science​

DKSH aims to provide total solutions for food quality and safety testing. Our solutions include:​​

  • Pathogen detection​
  • Pesticides, hormones and toxins​
  • Food authenticity​
  • Nutritional analysis​
  • Shelf life studies​

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Life Science​

  • Cell analysis​
  • Clinical diagnostics​
  • BioPharma solutions​
  • Lab automation​

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Material Science​

With our many years of market research and exposure in the material science industry, we provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers who operate in the highly demanding production sector and have laboratory advancement requirements. We offer you a suite of solutions comprising technologically advanced features with safety assurance. Our solutions cover:​

  • Particle characterization​
  • Viscosity and rheology​
  • Thermal analysis​
  • Surface science​
  • Stability​
  • Microscopy​

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Pharmaceutical Quality Control​ ​

DKSH aims to provide solutions for R&D and quality control from classical to cutting-edge biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Our solutions cover ​

  • Basic research​
  • Drug discovery and development​
  • Bioprocess​
  • Downstream manufacturing and QA/QC

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Need help with instrument support?​

Take a look at our other services

After-Sales Services​

From installation to preventive maintenance, discover how we can optimize lab equipment operations, minimize downtime, and ensure full accreditation compliance. ​

Sample Testing

With our expertise in material sciences, life sciences, and chemical analysis, we can comprehend your analytical requirements and deliver reliable results.​

Turnkey Projects​

With our Turnkey Solutions, we aim to optimize the construction of facilities and utilities.​

Customer Training

Seminars, webinars, and end-user trainings we offer cover both practical and theoretical aspects of different industries and topics.​

Multi-Vendor Services

By offering comprehensive services beyond product offerings, we ensure optimal performance, calibration, and maintenance for a broad range of scientific instruments, providing you with a convenient, one-stop solution tailored to your needs.​


With our calibration processes designed to meet and exceed ISO/IEC 17025 standards, we focus not only on recalibrating instruments but also on providing comprehensive insights into your usage and maintenance.​

Overhaul and Trade-ins​

Our sustainable and innovative solutions extend the life of scientific instruments while keeping laboratories at the forefront of research.​


We offer specialized lab relocation services that are designed to maintain the integrity of your research environment while moving sensitive equipment.​

Lab Digital Solutions (LIMS)​

LIMS is a critical laboratory automation technology that streamlines workflows, automates processes, and integrates hardware to increase operational efficiency.​