Application engineering

Our strong application engineering capabilities provide you with integrated, customized solutions and optimized performance. Regardless of if it's during pre-sales or on-site process optimization, our application engineers design and implement customized solutions for you. From initial drawings to the final products, we focus on providing you with the most competitive solutions. Our application engineers are supported by more than 39 showrooms and laboratories for demonstrations and trials.

Our core competences:

Our core competences

Your customized turnkey solutions



We specialize in providing integrated turnkey solutions for your newly built or refurbished laboratory construction projects, including equipment sourcing, consulting and installation, mechanical and electrical installation, special gases and water services.

Commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchen

We specialize in providing integrated turnkey solutions for your commercial kitchen project, including design and consultancy, project management, equipment sourcing and recommendation, build, installation, on-site optimization and staff training. Choose from our wide range of equipment from leading brands to ensure you have the state-of-the-art facilities for your business.


Manufacturing system

We provide complex system engineering services that connect industrial robots to different machine tools and equipment so that your entire workflow is automated, efficient and reliable. We offer a complete turnkey solutions including machine tools, automation systems, tools, fixture designs and program settings.


Other customized solutions

Leveraging our industry-specific expertise, automation, process engineering and project management, we also provide other customized turnkey solutions to help you stay competitive, improve efficiency and reduce business costs.

Success stories

  • Flexible Manufacturing System solutions help Chinese aircraft manufacturer increase efficiency and productivity

    Flexible Manufacturing System solutions help Chinese aircraft manufacturer increase efficiency and productivity

    Leading aircraft manufacturer in China achieves improved efficiency and increased productivity using DKSH’s Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) solutions.

  • Bringing traditional Japanese hospitality to Taiwan

    A five-star Japanese hotel in operation for over 100 years decided to open a hot spring hotel in Taiwan. The hotel required a kitchen area on each floor to handle food orders from room service. Each kitchen area needed to be equipped with a fryer on top of a pantry to ensure food is served at precisely the right temperature. However, such cooking equipment is not common in Taiwan.

  • Woodworking mastery reborn in Japan

    In Japan, the number of experienced wood workers has rapidly decreased as the wood-making craftsmanship has not been widely passed on to younger generations due to a low demand of such a specific skillset.

  • Providing high-tech solutions for ultra-precision machining

    One of the industries SMT would like to focus on is the aerospace and aviation industry. The equipment manufacturing processes require extremely high-precision machining and finishing, despite the materials being even more difficult to manipulate than titanium alloy, due to their light weight and de-forming attributes.

  • Endless innovation to clothe the world

    Sritex encountered numerous challenges including aggressive execution timeframes, a restrictive budget, ISO and production requirements for high-end fabrics, increasing power costs as well as intense competition from manufacturers in India and China.

Learn more about the services we offer in your industry:


Metal cutting and forming, additive manufacturing and more

Scientific Instrumentation

Complete portfolio of laboratory instruments, consumables and more


Full service provider for applications in front-end and back-end processes

Coating, compressors, power generation, engines and more

Why partner with us? We are your trusted link to customers in Asia Pacific.

  • Our Business Model

    Because of our more than 150-year history in the region, we are deeply rooted in communities throughout Asia and have established a vast network of relationships and access to key stakeholders.

  • Haas recycling solutions

    Our indepth knowledge of local markets and pan-Asian reach allow us to provide regional solutions for clients by duplicating success across markets.

  • DKSH employees

    Our regional footprint is unique in this industry and enables us to create significant synergies across regions.

  • Hong Kong

    We take charge and are accountable for our actions and outcomes. Clearly defined processes and focused teams further ensure that business partners get tangible results from the start.

  • Employee working on machine

    Clients want to work with DKSH as no other company in this market can provide the same level of sales and service professionalism.

  • DKSH employees in a laboratory

    We employ the best professionals in all areas of the technology industry, just like the founders of DKSH, our experts share a pioneering spirit and are passionate to drive growth.

  • DKSH presentation

    By connecting with our well established local network, clients can tap into the full potential of their target market without having to invest in fixed local infrastructure, thereby minimizing risk.

  • DKSH employee on training

    We ensure best practices can be shared to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • DKSH employees

    We combine local knowledge, culture, relationships and individual sales and service skills with state-of-the-art systems, a customer relationship management tool and our in-house service management tool.

  •  IT room

    Regular and customized reporting ensure our clients get transparency with respect to project pipelines, sales activities and market coverage as well as market share development.