Webinar on-demand: Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Peak Problems in GC Analysis

Data analysis has become a fundamental task in analytical chemistry. Obtaining good chromatography data is important in reporting accurate results and making informed decisions for further analysis. There are multiple factors that contribute to achieving reproducible results.

What you will learn

  • Introduction of chromatography peak shapes
  • How to troubleshoot bad peak shapes

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Dr. Jet Yu
PhD at National University of Singapore - Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Jet Yu obtained his Ph.D degree, majored in analytical chemistry, from National University of Singapore in 2007. He has published couple of peer reviewed papers specialized in chromatography methods development. After graduation, Dr. Yu joined Johnson&Johnson Asia Pacific as senior scientist for the discovery of skin care products and has filed two proprietary patents as key inventor.

Dr. Jet Yu joined Techcomp Singapore in 2013 as product manager, overseeing analytical instrument products in the region. Currently, he is the regional manager for the sales and business development of Scion chromatography products in ASEAN and South of Asia.