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Asahi Thin Film Evaporator is highly suitable for liquids that are sensitive to heat, viscous or having high molecular weight. Thin Film Evaporator allows for distillation, separation, concentration etc.

We offer our standard design under Blue Label and fully customized system that suits your application under Gold Label.

Technical Specifications

Evaporation surface area 0.05 m² (DN60), 0.1 m² (DN100)
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure to +0.1 mbar
Max. rotation speed 400 rpm.
Stirrer seal Magnetic stirrer

* This system does not include overhead stirrer, circulator and chiller.

Key Features

  • Minimum thermal decomposition.
  • High evaporation efficiency.
  • Uniform rotating wiper system.
  • Uniform thin film.
  • Process visibility.
  • Greaseless valve and joints.
  • Grease-less Magnetic Sealed Bearing
  • Maximum jacket temperature.
  • Easy connection to auxiliary equipments
  • Evaporation performance.
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
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