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Sherwood Model 501 Fluid Bed Dryer

By forcing enough air through a bed of particles, the particle bed may assume a fluid-like state (resembling a boiling liquid). Heating the incoming air and managing air flow rate through the sample, the Model 501 Fluid Bed Dryer provides thorough mixing and maximum contact of solid with moving air.

Technical Specifications

Glass Tub Volume (L) 5
Drying Duration 20 minutes
Operating Temperature ~200°C
Accessories Pulse Flow Module
Humidity/ Temperature Probe
RS232 Cable
Data monitoring software

Key Features

  • Fast - Delivering up to 2.5m3 per minute of air, the Model 501 Fluid Bed Dryer can break up wet samples and ensure vigorous mixing and rapid moisture removal. 5kg of wet "ideal" sample (80% moisture) can be dried in 15-20 minutes (5 Litre tub).
  • Non-Agglomerating - Air separated particles prevents lumps and caking, both of which make other drying processes much slower.
  • Mild - Higher air flow rates give higher moisture removal rates at lower temperatures, thorough mixing with no wet spots, and an air cushion to reduce abrasion betwen particles
  • Homogeneity of Sample - Static drying methods leave evaporation residues at the sample surface giving a heterogeneous sample. Fluid Bed Drying achieves the opposite. Mixing during Fluid Bed Drying gives homogeneous samples, making an ideal method of representative sample preparation for subsequent material analyses.
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Education & Academics
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining & Minerals
Sherwood Scientific

Sherwood Scientific Ltd is a Development and Manufacturing company producing a range of scientific instruments and apparatus with applications in many industries, education and research.

Applications for Flame photometers, chloride analysis, colorimetry analysis, sodium analysis,potassium analysis,calcium analysis,moisture analysis.

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