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For over 20 years Gecam has developed and manufactured machines for grinding, polishing, deburring and finishing of sheet metal. DKSH offers complete range of Gecam Brushing Machines: Gecam CUB Brushing Machine, 761 Brushing Machine, GT13 Brushing Deburring Machine and Easy T Edge Rounding Deburring Machine. 

Gecam's range of machines allow for work pieces of various shapes, sizes and materials, from stainless steel to iron and copper. Their machines are suited to a wide array of industries.

Available models

Gecam CUB brushing machine
Brush diameter
180 mm
Working size
300 mm
1-7 m/min
Minimum item length
100 mm
Min/max working depth
0,5/250 mm
Max size
1150 x 750 x 1200 mm
385 kg

Manual brushing machine for different metal surface working processes, depending on the type of brush that is mounted. Adjustable conveyor belt feed speed to ensure necessary finishing result. Variable brush speed also available on request. Machine user frendly that allows a clear reduction of costs compared to traditional automatic sanders. Brush group in unique structure with manual handwheel for positioning the heads on the work surface. The heads are open on the operator side to allow to process pieces wider than the conveyor belt. Suitable to be equipped with any type of cylindrical brush.

Gecam 761 brushing machine
Brush diameter min/max
350/600 mm
Brush holder shaft height
620/820 mm
Maximum dimensions
750 x 910 x 1160 mm

High performance industrial brushing machine with 2 speed or electronically variable speed motor. The machine was created for heavy cleaning and polishing operations on pieces of any shape and material. The brush protection guards are adjustable in height, depth and rotation, and are equipped with a small extendable final guard; the rotation speed of the brush holder shaft is electronically variable to always ensure the optimal cutting speed. The brush holder shaft works on two large diameter bearings with the last one near the brush to ensure maximum rigidity. Prepared for the connection of a suction system, it can be fitted with a spreader accessory for polishing the pieces.

Gecam GT13 brushing deburring machine 
Working width
1300 mm
Strips brushes numbers
Brush dimension
60 x 50 mm
Working thickness min/max
0,5-90 mm
Feed speed
0,7-6 m/min
Suction hood
180 mm
Suction required
4000 m³/h
Maximum dimensions
2550 x 1250 x 1950 mm
Approx weight
from 2200 kg

Associated function: edge rounding, brushing, sanding

Transversal sanding machine for metal surfaces for rounding edges, with 2 upper and lower work groups for simultaneous processing on the edges of both sides. Fixed bench with motorized rubber drive rollers at variable speed. Independent motors for each work group for greater control of processing and management of different working pressures. Touch screen control panel with storage of work programs and alarm self-diagnosis. The maintenance of previous surface treatments is guaranteed by not working on the surface of the piece.

EasyT Edge Rounding Deburring Machine
Working table
800 x 1300 mm
Table height
945 mm
Vacuum area
250 x 350 mm
Motor power
0.75 kW
Brush diameter
150 mm
Pieces max thickness
150 mm

Associated function: edge rounding, grinding, polishing

Double tools deburring machine suitable for various processes of metalworking, grinding, deburring, rounding edges and polishing. Equipped with a head mounted on an oscillating arm, which can be tilted through 180 ° for a quick change of the two rotating tools. Adjustable speed and vacuum system for holding the pieces on the work table. In consideration of the desired material and finish, it is possible to mount different types of brushes. Internal dust extraction hood.

Gecam Brushing Machine CUB 30

Manual grinding, polishing machine EASY T

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Medical

GECAM has developed and manufactured machines for grinding, polishing, deburring and finishing of sheet metal. GECAM's innovative machines can work on objects with various shapes, sizes and materials, from stainless steel to iron and copper. GECAM's machines can be applied to a wide variety of industrial fields.

With DKSH's well established market access and coverage of the Aerospace, Automotive, Die and Mold, Education and Academics, Semiconductor and Electronics industries in Malaysia, we will assist in the sales of GECAM machines, while simultaneously developing our global presence in these sectors.