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Liebherr - Gear Generating and Profile Grinding - LGG/LCS/LGF Series

The LGG machines are suitable for hob grinding and profile grinding. As standard, the machines are equipped with an external grinding head and can be supplemented with an internal grinding head.

The new LCS series offers a machine system for finish machining of hardened gears, characterized by its productivity and versatility. Two methods can now be used on a single machine: The LCS “Combi” Gear generating or profile grinding with dressable tools or plated CBN tools.

Gear grinding with dressable worms or form wheels has been a successful and well established technology for many years. Today, with the use of dressable sintered alumina tools, it has reached a remarkable level of performance. The CBN method, in comparison, stands out for its high machining consistency over the total tool life. With its exceptional tool life of up to 200 production hours, it offers a decisive advantage for high volume production. The Liebherr LCS series covers both technologies without limitations, opening up totally new possibilities for the user.



Available models

Model Name
LGG 180 / LGG 280
Max. workpiece diameter hob grinding/profile grinding (mm)
180 / 280
Max. workpiece speed (min-1)
Max. axial travel (mm)
Min. pos. over table (mm)
Grinding head tilt angle (Grad)
± 45°
Weight of machine with counterstand (ca. t)
Total connected load (ca. kVA)
Machine dimensions without automation (L x B x H) (m)
2.9 x 2.0 x 2.9
Shaft Length (mm)

The new generating and profile grinding machine LGG 180/280 is suitable for the processing all gears up to 180/280 mm diameter. In addition, workpieces can be machined to 650 mm length. For special customer needs various machining variants are available. The generating and profile grinding machine combines short grinding times with consistently high quality in high-volume operations.

Key features

  • Higher quality and reliability across the entire lot size
  • Single-table solution (One clamping fixture, one geometry; For all gears up to 180/280 mm; Shaft length 500 mm (650 mm as L-version); Planet and sun gears, ring gears and input and output shafts)
  • Machine bed made of thermally stable material
  • Fast loading thanks to integrated ring loader
  • Chip-to-chip times (Gears: 4 seconds; Shafts: 6,5 seconds)
  • Small amount of space needed
  • The new, user-friendly LHGe@rTec® interface makes it much easier to operate the gear cutting machine and has many advantages for the operator
Model Name
LCS 200 / LCS 300 / LCS 380 / LCS 500
Workpiece diameter (mm)
200 / 300 / 380 / 500
Table Speed (rpm)
2,000 / 2,000 / 1,000 / 1,000
Axial Travel (max) (mm)
Axial travel speed (mm/min)
Radial travel speed (mm/min)
Grinding head swivel angle (deg.)
±35 (±45)
Module (max. generating grinding) (mm)
Module (max. profile grinding) (mm)
Grinding spindle speed rpm)
CBN tool diameter (max. generating grinding) (mm)
CBN tool diameter (max. profile grinding) (mm)
Alumina tool diameter (max. generating grinding) (mm)
Alumina tool diameter (max. profile grinding) (mm)
Tool length (max.) (mm)
Tangential travel (max.) (mm)
Spindle drive power (kW)
Machine weight with tailstock (appr. kg)
Total connected load (appr. kVA)

The wide range of machine sizes always offers the most suitable model for each application. The basis of the new LCS series of machines is the Liebherr gear hobbing and gear shaping machine platform. Synergy within the modular component system offers the user the most cost effective equipment.

Key features

  • Independent of the grinding technology, the user has a choice of using CBN or sintered alumina tools
  • Easily accessible control elements, long maintenance intervals (MTBF), short repair times (MTTR). Well thought-out equipment design, coupled with optimal service (R&M principles), reduce machine down times for routine maintenance, increasing productivity and lowering life cycle costs.
  • The completely symmetric design of the machine frame, with enclosed circulating coolant system of the machine bed, allows uniform distribution of temperature to maintain thermal stability
  • The direct-drive work spindle combines high speeds of up to 800 rpm with an extremely high positioning accuracy
  • Maximum speed of 12,000 rpm (20,000 rpm) drives the grinding tool, allowing cutting speeds of more than 100 m/s.
  • The ring loader, with CNC drives, is extremely flexible, further reducing setup and workpiece changing times
Model Name
LCS 600 / LCS 700 / LCS 1000 / LCS 1200
Workpiece diameter (mm)
600 / 700 / 1000 / 1200
Max. workpiece speed (min-1)
350 / 350 / 250 / 250
Max. module (generating grinding) (mm)
Max. module/profile hight (profile grinding) (mm)
Max. axial travel (mm)
Min. position above table (mm)
Max. position above table (mm)
Drive capacity grinding spindle (kW)
Max. tool speed (min-1)
Tool dia. (generating grinding) (mm)
Tool dia. (profile grinding) (mm)
Max. CBN-tool dia. (generating grinding) (mm)
Max. CBN-tool dia. (profile grinding) (mm)
Max. tool length (mm)
Max. tangential travel (mm)
Grinding head swivel angle (Grad)
± 35° (45°)
Axial speed (mm/min)
Radial speed (mm/min)
Tangential speed (mm/min)
Weight of machine with steady column (ca. kg)
25,000 / 25,000 / 28,000 / 28,000
Total connected load (ca. kVA)

With the new LCS series 3 Liebherr has developed a machine system for the hard finishing of gears, which is characterised by its special efficiency and universality: generating or profile grinding with dressable or plated CBN tools. As Liebherr covers both technologies with the LCS series, the user can work with completely new possibilities, particularly with grindings of large gears as for example used in the wind power industry.

Key features

  • The grinding head is based on a proven design principle with spindle speeds up to 12,000 rpm.
  • Its high thermal stability is a prerequisite for profile grinding.
  • Active tool clamping on both ends guarantee high tool rigidity.
  • With the 2-station ringloader workpieces up to 600 mm in diameter can be automatically loaded and unloaded.
Model Name
LGF 800 / LGF 1000 / LGF 1250
Workpiece diameter (mm)
800 / 1,000 / 1,250
Max. workpiece speed (min-1)
Max. axial travel (mm)
Min. position above table (mm)
Max. position above table (mm)
External grinding head drive power (kW)
Tool speed (rpm)
Max. tool dia (mm)
Max. workpiece width (mm)
Max. module/profile height (mm)
Grinding head swivel angle (Degrees)
Internal grinding head drive power* (kW)
Axial speed (mm/min)
Radial speed (mm/min)
Tangential speed (mm/min)
Weight of machine with steady column (approx. kg)
Total connected load (approx. kVA)

Key features

  • Able to grind topologically correct or topologically freelydefined tooth flanks on one flank or two flanks highly efficiently.
  • The LFG can be changed over for grinding of internal gears with only a minimum of effort.
  • The LFG is equipped with an automatically adjusting grinding oil nozzle.
  • The measuring head is parked behind the directly driven grinding spindle. In swung out position the measuring head allows measurement within the machine.
  • The internal grinding head can easily be put on and has the same advantages as the LFG-grinding head: NC-coolant nozzle and automatic measuring unit.
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