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ECD - Thermal Profiling - M.O.L.E. EV6

With a revolutionary new design, M.O.L.E.™ EV6 brings deep data collection and touch screen convenience to thermal profiling. The traveling thermal profiler allows configuration, measurement and data analysis right on the device – providing immediate actionable information, saving time and reducing the requirement for intensive operator training.

Using a familiar smartphone-like capacitive touch screen, users now have shop floor data literally at their fingertips. The six-channel M.O.L.E. EV6 integrates with all ECD RIDER™ machine quality management technologies for a truly scalable approach, made easier with visual, touch screen control.

Technical Specifications

M.O.L.E.™ EV6 M.O.L.E.™ EV6 Baking
Dimensions (L x W x H) • Profiler: 152.4mm (6”) x 89mm (3.5”) x 9.41mm (0.37”)
• Barrier: 269.7mm (10.62”) x 104mm (4.1”) x 26.9mm (1.06”)
• Yellow Jacket: 286.5mm (11.28”) x 115mm (4.53”) x 32.5 (1.28”)
• Profiler: 152.4mm (6”) x 89mm (3.5”) x 9.41mm (0.37”)
• BB-45: 241mm (9.5“) x 122mm (4.80“) x 46mm (1.82“)
• BB-50: 238mm (9.37“) x 122mm (4.80“) x 49mm (1.93“)
• BB-80: 236mm (9.3”) x 123mm (4.7”) x 80mm (3.15")
Weight • Profiler: 0.204 kg (7.2 oz)
• Barrier: 0.861 kg (30.4 oz)
• Yellow Jacket: 0.07 kg (2.4 oz)
• Profiler: 0.204 kg (7.2 oz)
• BB-45: 1.47kg (51.85 oz)
• BB-50: 2.38kg (83.95 oz)
• BB-80: 4.1kg (144.60 oz)
Operational range (profiler) -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F) -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Sampling interval 100 samples/second to 10 minutes/sample 100 samples/second to 10 minutes/sample
Data points 16 million (2.6 million at 6 channels) or 200 data runs (whichever comes first) 16 million (2.6 million at 6 channels) or 200 data
Accuracy +/- 1°C (1.8°F) +/- 1°C (1.8°F)

Key Features

Simple and Immediate Status Confirmation

  • On-screen instrument status display:

» Live temperature readings

» Thermal profile

» KPI table


Preventative Maintenance

  • Built-in calibration reminders
  • Battery life/charge indicators
  • Memory status



  • Supports multiple thermocouple types



  • Sampling at up to 100 samples per second


Ease of Use 

  • USB C communications and charging
  • 2-button control (on/off and record)


Operational Robustness

  • High-capacity, off-the-shelf Lipo battery
  • Auto shutdown protection for over temp conditions
  • Programmable to conserve battery life
  • Watchdog timer-monitored firmware control
  • ESD-protected inputs
  • Non-volatile profile memory
  • Food & Beverage
Electronic Controls Design Inc.ECD or Electronic Controls Design Inc. is recognized worldwide for its leadership and expertise in thermal monitoring and analysis technology. Based in Milwaukie, Oregon, the company is a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced thermal profiling systems and software used to monitor and analyze process temperatures in various industries including electronics, solar, baking, among others.