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The TRV series offers the outstanding productivity and safety operation of equipment. Particularly , the Compact Vacuum Chamber and Conveyor are technically proved solutions in the field through a technical partnership with ETC.

Key Features

  • Completely sealable TSM’s vacuum Reflow, dedicated compression chamber
  • Transfer System without jamming PCB (technical partnership with ETC)
  • Prevent PCB Drop by minimizing the gab between in/outlet entrance of conveyor in vacuum chamber
  • Strengthen durability without conveyor driven roller in high temperature section
  • Able to correspond with minimized vacuum chamber with embedded vacuum pump
  • Reduce time of vacuuming and easily control vacuum

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Available models

Single Vacuum Reflow_Front View


  • Dramatically reduction of Solder Void
  • IPCB transferring system
  • Eco-friendly ultra low power consumption and high thermal insulation specification
  • Standard option for high efficiency and collection system of large quantity Flux
  • Heating method of up/down hot air circulation
Twin Vacuum Reflow_Front View

Key Features

  • Independent Twin Vacuum Reflow as the World Premier (2X Vacuum Chamber + 2X Oven + 2X PC independent operation)
  • Doubled productivity compared to Single Reflow
  • Completely vacuumable dedicated compression chamber of TSM’s vacuum Reflow
  • Transport System without jamming PCB (ETC Technical Partnership)
  • Minimize the gab of in/out conveyor to prevent PCB Drop
  • Enhanced durability with none conveyor driven roller in high temperature sections
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
TSMTSM has been produced for Reflow Oven and Nitrogen generator with a representative model, Full Auto Soldering Machine since the company’s foundation in 1990.