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The World's first Touch panel control Power supply! Big color screen is adopted for showing simple control function.


Compact Horizontal type power supply 140mm(W) x 85mm(H) x 190mm(D) compact and lightweight power supply for Electrophoresis / Western blotting use.


For agarose electrophoresis (DNA elec- trophoresis), semi-dry blotting (Western blotting of protein) and so on!

Available models

Technical Specifications
Voltage 3-500V Current 10-3000mA Power 1-200W
Output range
Voltage 0-500V Current 0-3000mA Power 0-200W
1-999min, Timer ON/OFF
7 inch color screen touch panel
Constant current,Constant voltage,Constant Power Manual mode, Method file mode, Easy mode, 20 files available, 9 steps/file
Detection of error (open circuit, short circuit, sudden load variation etc.), Alrarm
Other functions
Pause, Graph display, Power fail recovery ON/OFF
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
119(W)x417(D)x224(H)mm/ 6kg

View the entire technical specifications in the brochure.



  • High-speed mode electrophoresis for SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE, etc.
  • Electrophoresis of DNA using Polyacrylamide gel/Agarose gel
  • Protein Isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF) and more


  • High-speed mode blotting
  • Semi-Dry blotting
  • Wet blotting, and others

Visit the brochure to find out more about the application.

Key Features

Simple Operation with a Large Touch Color Screen

  • Easy control with a straightforward menu interface
  • Operation system compatible with latex gloves for added convenience

Comprehensive Display

  • Large color screen showing set values, output values, timer, errors, and graphs
  • Convenient control of various parameters such as voltage and current

Wide Output Range

  • Voltage range: 0~500V
  • Current range: 0~3000mA
  • Suitable for high-speed mode electrophoresis, high-speed mode blotting, and protein isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF)

Simple Operation Modes

  • Manual mode: Input current or voltage under constant settings
  • Method file mode: Select conditions from saved files, with the ability to save up to 20 files
  • Easy mode: Self-select options like SDS-PAGE and Blotting

Additional Functions

  • Error detection with on-screen display and alarm notifications
  • Output pause allows for changes to set values during operation
  • Output graph feature enables monitoring of actual output values
  • Power fail recovery ensures continuity of operation
  • Enjoy a visual treat with animal displays during operation.
Technical Specifications
Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover
Voltage: 10 - 300 V in 1 V steps Current: 10 - 400 mA in 1 mA steps
Voltage: 10 - 300 V (Max. 60W) Current: 10 - 400 mA (Max. 60W) Wattage: Maximum 60 W
1 to 999 minutes setting in 1 minute steps with alarm or continuous
2-step program
3-digit LED displays voltage, current, or time
Meter accuracy
1% FS ‡ 1 digit or better
Safety protection
No load detection; shrouded plugs and sockets
Power outlet
2 pairs in parallel
Power requirement
AC 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz 2A
140 (W) x 191 (D) x 84 (H) mm
1 kg (main body)
Main body 1 ea, AC cable 1 ea

View the entire technical specifications in the brochure.


  • Power supply for electrophoresis use

Visit the brochure to find out more about the application.

Key Features

  • Compact power supplies for electrophoresis
  • Low-cost, high-tech power source for your own
  • Minimal lab space with a slim body
  • Achieves a small size, lightweight, and low cost
  • Power source equipment that is compact and yet maintains performance/features
Technical Specifications
Constant Voltage/Constant Current/Crossover
Voltage: 10 - 300 V in 1 V steps Current: 10 - 400 mA in 1 mA steps
Voltage: 1 - 300 V (Max. 50W) Current: 1 - 400 mA (Max. 50W)
Display accuracy
Voltage/Current:within the range of ±(1%FS±1digit)
1-999min (equivalent to about 16.6 hours), 0min continuous output, 1min step, Countup
Selection of alarm presence/absence at the start of output, Selectable alarm or melody at the end of output (Alarm x7, Melody x13 types)
Safety mechanism
Short circuit detection (Err1)/ Open detection (Err2) Automatic output stop, Warning alarm
Blackout Protection
1% FS ‡ 1 digit or better
Output terminal
2 pairs in parallel
Input power
Voltage: AC100-115V(AC200-230V) Frequency: 50/60Hz
Dimension/ Weight
74(W)×170(D)×170(H)mm / 0.74kg(Main body)

View the entire technical specifications in the brochure.

Key Features

  • Precise control of current (mA)/voltage (V)/power (W) and cross-over output
  • Accuracy of output/display and output stability supporting high reproducibility
  • Easy setting: preinstalled output conditions, free files for memrizing original condition Main output conditions are input
  • Large LED display and dial for easy operation
  • Timer/Alarm function
  • Low power consumption (about 15 % off compared with conventional product) Automatic recovery function of previous status when power is restored after blackout Corresponding to wideband frequency and fluctuation of input voltage

Instructions for using WSE-3100 PowerStation GhibliⅠ (in Japanese)

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  • Education & Academics
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
ATTOATTO Corporation is a scientific instrument developer and manufacturer of protein/nucleic acid research. Long been providing more than 60 years for Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Devices, PAGEL (precast gel), Western blot solutions, Peristaltic Pumps, Printgraph (High-end Gel Documentation System), Luminograph series (Imaging System for bio/chemiluminescence detection), etc. Their products have been used in many laboratories in Japan and other countries.