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Schleuniger machine

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies need to focus on productivity, quality and accuracy as well as space optimization and energy savings to meet the requirements of their customers. This is why we focus on the machining process and provide time studies, feasibility studies and test cuts to develop the most competitive solution for you. 

In addition to standalone machines, we also provide you with turnkey and automation solutions integrating different machining technologies into one system. We offer you proven machining solutions from world-renowned manufacturers for various industries.

Our partners

We partner with world class suppliers in providing innovative technology and best in class products in the industry.


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Our products

Select 3D printers and accessories from market leaders and internationally renowned brands for use in the industrial, dental, hearing aid, jewelry, entertainment and bioprinting markets.

We provide innovative machine tools for metal cutting and forming together with ultra-precision tooling that can be applied in a wide range of industries.

To help prevent and reduce operation errors, we offer a wide range of solutions and high-tech instruments for testing and measuring of your machinery components.

Select innovative wire processing solutions for cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing and marking all types of wires and cables to help reduce your manufacturing costs and increase product quality.

Our services and solutions We provide the following services and solutions to enhance your competitiveness

Process optimization services:
Our application engineers support you with computer-aided manufacturing program optimization, fixture design and tool selection. Through process optimization, our engineering team can help you to increase the productivity of existing machine tools to produce higher quality parts in less time.

New product development services:
In today's fast-changing environment, product life cycles have shortened dramatically. To maintain a competitive advantage, using a flexible manufacturing system with advanced materials and sophisticated tools is indispensable. Our engineering team can help you develop new manufacturing processes and select suitable production models according to your needs.

System integration services:
We provide complex system engineering services that connect industrial robots to different machine tools and equipment so that your entire workflow is automated, efficient and reliable. We offer a-complete turnkey solutions including machine tools, automation systems, tools, fixture designs and program settings.

Additive manufacturing solutions
DKSH offers an integrated solution to facilitate your transition from conventional to additive manufacturing. Our consulting services help you define the right roadmap and identify the right usage cases. Our multi-disciplined experts understand the different types of additive manufacturing and functional applications that can help you overcome challenges arising from a wide span of applications and industries.

Please note these services are only available in Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Past events in 2019

November 20 - 23, 2019 | METALEX 2019

August 28 - 29, 2019 | Precision Machinery & 3D Printing Technology Days

February 28, 2019 | Foundry seminar

Hans Laser 2D laser cutter

We have helped many business partners to succeed in the Asia Pacific markets. Learn how we have supported them to create new opportunities and become market leaders.

Asia is getting ready for industry 4.0. Let our experts keep you informed of industry and market developments, so you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge.

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