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DKSH distribution and inventory management deliver first-rate services and healthy growth

DKSH has developed a unique service offering for the medical devices industry, enabling clients to shift from self distribution to an outsourced model without having to worry about quality standards or costs.

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Medical Devices

One of the leading medical devices manufacturers in the world wanted to change their logistics model in order to focus on core capabilities such as marketing and sales. The client was looking for a partner capable of providing around-the-clock service, fast delivery times and management of consignment inventory at hospital wards.

DKSH embarked on an extensive evaluation of the client’s business model in the countries concerned. Senior DKSH staff were tasked to this assignment to ensure a complete understanding of the client’s specific circumstances and requirements. Although the client had made the bold decision to outsource distribution services, they were nervous about costs and the potential impact to their business.

DKSH proposed a dedicated solution for the client that included warehousing in a specialized medical devices facility allowing for service of time-critical deliveries directly to customers 24 hours a day. The DKSH team also supplied all of the necessary information interfaces for the client to guarantee transparency on their business. In addition, DKSH initiated its consignment inventory management service for the client. A specialized team conducts regular cycle counts of consignment inventory that is based in the hospitals so consumption can be measured and reported for later invoicing. This service enables tracking of individual bar-coded items and thus reduces wastage while ensuring that the product is at the right location. Its introduction guarantees inventory optimization and at the same time allows sales representatives to truly focus on the customer and on providing the best possible service.

Market Expansion Services at work: win-win experts
DKSH provides services that allow companies to focus on core capabilities while sales increase.