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Performance Materials is a leading global provider of Market Expansion Services with unmatched global networks and relationships, helping business partners grow their business in new and existing markets.

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Korea, USA

In 2007 an Italian customer of DKSH that produces high-tech chemistry for applications in the electronics field told us about their problems in expanding their business. While they were very successful in their home market, they had difficulties selling the same products to customers abroad.

DKSH offered to use its network around the world to sell the customer’s final products, which were produced using raw materials also provided by DKSH. After months of intensive research, DKSH’s experts identified particularly promising customers in the USA and in Korea. We began to discuss the products with these prospects – both already customers for other raw materials – and explained how they could potentially profit from the company’s offerings. In follow-up meetings at the prospects’ R&D centers, DKSH experts met with their technical service people, R&D chemists and general managers, to discuss the products. Because we are part of this industry, we know that new developments can take several years. In fact, we accompanied both the supplier and the potential customers for an entire year during the development of a final formulation. By doing so we promoted the exchange of deep chemical experience and kept both the supplier and the customers updated on the status of developments.

Based on the expertise provided by DKSH, both customers succeeded in developing an innovative product for their respective markets. Every partner involved now enjoys new business and continues to develop materials for the next product generation. Our customers were pleased to have their materials’ need filled to their exact specifications, while the supplier was delighted to gain two entirely new customers for its products.

Market Expansion Services at work: understanding delivers results
Becoming a trusted link between business partners, and understanding the needs of all concerned, requires diligence and deep industry expertise. Time and again this brings about tangible business results for all our partners.