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Growing Zespri’s success through unique field marketing activities Listen with ReadSpeaker

By employing unique field marketing activities, DKSH achieved sustainable sales growth with excellent in-store presence for Zespri® Kiwifruit.

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Zespri Success Story

Although New Zealand-based Zespri is the market leader in the kiwi segment in Taiwan, the competition is heating up every year with more local and cheaper Taiwanese fruit entering the market. Ensuring that Zespri Kiwifruit, which have a relatively short shelf life, sell out before season ends and achieving the sales target has become increasingly difficult for the company.

In addition, Zespri was hoping to have a better communication and interaction with the retail stores about creative activation, merchandising execution and sampling activities, while enhancing their connection with the local market. They were therefore looking for a provider with strong relationships with retailers and the capabilities to execute promotional activities professionally across many stores.

DKSH, through our field marketing joint venture DKSH Smollan Field Marketing (DSFM), became Zespri’s one-stop-shop for in-store execution and promotional activities in all modern retail channels in Taiwan. Expert field marketers equipped with modern technology provided unique insights directly to Zespri and DSFM, as well as communicating frequently with the stores on stock levels and tasting dates.

Furthermore, through our good relationships with many stores, DSFM was able to negotiate the best floor space for Zespri. Despite varied restrictions and guidelines in each retail store, DSFM used Zespri’s key visual “Zespri every day for a happy body” to design promotional items, display units and promotional activities which helped to enhance Zespri’s brand consistency across Taiwan.

Within three months, DSFM carried out over 1,000 tasting demos in 188 retail stores, with more than 500,000 consumers participating in the demos. Asia Regional Marketing Manager of Zespri, Rita Chen said “We are impressed by DSFM’s integrated services and their high adaptability in field activities. The field marketing and sales capabilities of DSFM, together with their strong network in the modern trade channel, enabled us to grow our business in Taiwan.”