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Making the best connections Listen with ReadSpeaker

When a customer approaches us with a problem, the combination of DKSH’s global network and expert knowledge means we will find the right solution.

A customer in the USA needed to develop new technology for electroluminescent backlight displays for a new generation of cell phones. Consumer desire for lighter, thinner phones meant the company had to accelerate development. Consequently, speedy coordination of samples, evaluation, and response by supplier, customer, and DKSH were essential in order to meet market demand.

DKSH‘s Business Line Specialty Chemicals Industry offered to call on its network around the world and soon located the most suitable supplier for one of the key raw materials used to make electroluminescent displays: conductive pastes. Our customer appreciated our support, and three-way cooperation began immediately. In follow-up meetings with DKSH experts at the company’s R & D center, our supplier was able to develop a custom-grade paste that met all customer's specifications and that no other player was able to offer. This enabled us to win the new business.

Thanks to swift DKSH action, both the customer and the supplier succeeded in the timely development of an innovative product for their respective markets. All the partners involved gained new business and are developing the next generation of materials. To improve manufacturing efficiency and support market expansion, the customer is now moving production from the USA to China. DKSH continues to support the customer and the supplier at the new location, delivering materials and providing technical assistance through our local experts.

Market Expansion Services
When customers and clients seek experts to help expand their business in new and existing markets, DKSH is the first company that comes to mind: a classic example of Market Expansion Services.