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Mapping growth opportunities for a pharma company new to Asia Listen with ReadSpeaker

DKSH helped a European healthcare company develop its Asian market entry strategy by delivering unique market and regulatory insights.

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A European manufacturer of pharmaceutical products saw the business opportunities of the growing demand for healthcare products in Asia. Without having a presence in the region, the company needed a professional partner to assess the market potential and highlight regulatory challenges in Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore.
DKSH’s experts developed comprehensive market attractiveness and feasibility studies, showing the sales potential per country and channel, competitor analyses and other relevant data. Data is taken from DKSH Insights, a proprietary online tool based on DKSH’s collaboration with several hundred clients and around 160,000 healthcare customers in Asia.
DKSH also mobilized its team of more than 70 regulatory experts from the healthcare industry. They quickly provided an overview of information and documents required to register, the duration and price of the registration, as well as potential upcoming changes in local regulations that might influence the registration process.
Clear processes and standardized reporting formats ensure that all information is delivered in a consistent manner. Regional coordination furthermore means that the client only has to deal with one point of contact across the region.
DKSH exceeded the client’s expectations by providing a market analysis and even business cases. The detailed insights helped them gain a concrete understanding of the opportunities and challenges in each market, thereby forming the solid basis for the company’s Asian expansion strategy. The client also appreciated DKSH’s professional collaboration and fast response time.
Market Expansion Services at work: laying the foundation for growth
We use our in-depth market insight and specialist regulatory expertise to lay out growth paths for healthcare companies in Asia. Our experts work according to standardized processes deliver the best service.