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Taking the Vietnamese coffee market one cup at a time Listen with ReadSpeaker

Using our extensive network and in-depth local knowledge, DKSH has helped open up the Vietnamese market for PhinDeli coffee.

PhinDeli Coffee Market
The Vietnamese coffee market is fast growing but very competitive, with many strong players with deep pockets. It is therefore difficult for a new brand, like Vietnamese instant coffee brand PhinDeli, to make a mark in the country. PhinDeli first made a name for themselves in the media when it purchased the town of Buford in America and renamed it PhinDeli Coffee Town. Riding on this wave of success, the company was looking for a Market Expansion Services provider with the capabilities to truly unleash the promises of their home market of Vietnam.
DKSH provides PhinDeli with marketing and sales, distribution and logistics and after-sales services for its products across Vietnam. The collaboration started in October 2014 with a marketing and sales training to instill a can-do attitude among the company’s 600 brand ambassadors. These representatives, managed by DKSH, are engaging with shoppers nationwide to turn them into PhinDeli lovers. Creative online marketing and PR activities by PhinDeli further build brand awareness.
Since the launch, the PhinDeli brand has received a highly positive response from the market for its creative campaigns and effective in-store activities. Due to the overwhelming demand, PhinDeli’s stock has even run out on several occasions! The valuable partnership has boosted PhinDeli to a greater height in terms of brand awareness, distribution and profitability in the Vietnamese coffee market.
Market Expansion Services at work: opening up a market
DKSH uses its strong network, local market knowledge and field marketing capabilities to open up new markets for both local and international brands.