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Tapping into new growth areas in Hong Kong’s medical channel Listen with ReadSpeaker

Amidst increasing competition, DKSH helped create new growth opportunities for a pharma product in Hong Kong.

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A multinational producer of a central nervous stimulant drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) faced strong competition in Hong Kong. The product’s differentiating factors were decreasing due to the broad availability of generic alternatives and, in addition, the company was hampered by strict import quotas. The company approached DKSH, its growth partner for over a decade, to revive sales and avert the competition.

DKSH created a marketing and sales strategy that included an education program informing doctors and the general public on the impact and correct treatment of ADHD. Using their strong relationships, experts from both DKSH and the client also successfully convinced key opinion leaders to increase import quotas for the new formulation of the products. To crown these achievements, DKSH’s sales specialists acquired a listing for the product in all government hospitals throughout Hong Kong.

Excellent execution of the strategic campaign helped spur sales of the product in Hong Kong to new heights. Supported by an increased import quota, sales outgrew the market by more than 50%. Strong collaboration between DKSH and the client helped fend off the increasing competition and increase market share significantly.

Market Expansion Services at work: tapping into new growth opportunities
We use our entrepreneurial spirit and strong relationships with stakeholders to bring new growth to our clients’ product. Our experts thereby couple strategic thinking with flawless execution.