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Time for Bovet 1822 to continue growth in Asia Listen with ReadSpeaker

Thanks to their solid understanding of the Asian timepiece market, DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle has successfully enriched Swiss luxury watch brand Bovet 1822’s footprint on the Asian continent.

Bovet Watches
With Asian markets now exhibiting the highest demand for luxury timepieces, the House of Bovet 1822 was looking to enhance the position of its timepieces in Asia. To do so, they needed a partner with in-depth knowledge of local markets to enhance the brand and an established distribution network to reach out to a wider customer base across the region. 
Bovet signed a strategic partnership agreement with DKSH to take on the marketing, sales and after-sales services for Bovet timepieces throughout Asia, while also taking a strategic shareholding in the company due to the shared commitment to excellence and quality. 
DKSH’s local Luxury & Lifestyle experts in ten Asian markets set about to expand the House focusing on VIP events, opening selected new points of sales and joint advertisements with partnering retailers in key magazines. In addition to the expansion of its presence across Asia with newly opened boutiques in Bangkok and Hong Kong, DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle China strengthened customer services for Bovet clients and collectors throughout Asia. 
Since DKSH and Bovet have joined forces, the House’s awareness has been strengthened significantly in Asia, with an improved sales, marketing and distribution network in place.
Market Expansion Services 
DKSH’s access to local market and customer knowledge throughout the Asia region, coupled with an extensive capillary distribution network, makes us the natural partner for growing your business in Asia.