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DKSH Taiwan Wins Gold at the “ESG Sustainability and Logistics Award 2024”

DKSH Taiwan Wins Gold at the “ESG Sustainability and Logistics Award 2024”

Honored for innovative and sustainable logistics practices, DKSH Taiwan clinched Gold at the “ESG Sustainability and Logistics Award 2024”, highlighting OP1’s contributions to greener supply chains solutions and advancing Taiwan’s healthcare logistics.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 12, 2024 – DKSH Taiwan has been awarded with Gold Excellence in the Logistics and Operations category of the “ESG Sustainability and Logistics Award 2024” for its exceptional dedication to sustainable practices. The award was presented by Mr. Cheng Wen-Tsan, Vice Premier, Executive Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), to Lillian Chang, General Manager of Supply Chain Management at DKSH Taiwan, accepting on behalf of the company during the ceremony on April 10, 2024.

Directed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and organized by the Global Logistics & Commerce Council of Taiwan, this industry accolade honors businesses who strive for ecological and sustainable logistics. DKSH Taiwan is recognized for its sustainability excellence and innovation in its OP1 distribution center’s supply chain management and solutions. This recognition is a testament to DKSH’s effort and dedication to enriching people’s lives. DKSH will pursue its ambition of providing Healthcare for All – delivering quality and wide-ranging healthcare products and solutions in a sustainable way to the patients which DKSH serves in its markets.

Lillian Chang, General Manager of Supply Chain Management, thanked the organizers and stated: “This award affirms our dedication to becoming a greener supply chain solution service provider. We are proud to accelerate the healthcare logistics advancement in Taiwan towards higher sustainability and international standards.”

As Asia’s largest automated healthcare distribution center, OP1 excels with its innovative Good-to-Person smart workstation, advanced automation technologies (ACRS, ASRS), and paperless processing, enhancing overall operational efficiency by 4.5 times. Its rooftop solar panels have produced more than 4.1 million kWh of green energy since 2021, achieving a CO2 emission reduction of almost 1,900 tons – equivalent to the annual absorption of 4.8 Daan Forest Parks. The building benefits from energy-saving heat pumps and adaptive cooling systems, highlighting DKSH’s pursuit of sustainable practices.

DKSH Group continues to be ambitious on taking a proactive and competitive approach to sustainability; which includes enabling its people to flourish, making the value chains more sustainable, becoming climate neutral by 2030 (scope 1+2), and making a positive impact through local community as well as CSR strategy.