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DKSH’s 91st Annual General Meeting 2024

DKSH’s 91st Annual General Meeting 2024
  • Shareholders approved all motions with a clear majority
  • All current Board members reelected
  • Proposal of dividend increase of 4.7% to CHF 2.25 per share accepted

Zurich, Switzerland, March 26, 2024 – DKSH’s shareholders have voted in favor of all motions at the company’s 91st Annual General Meeting by a solid majority. In total, 175 shareholders were present and a total of 52,929,311 shares, equaling 81.38% of the share capital, were represented at the meeting.

Marco Gadola was reelected as Chairman, and all current Board members as well as the members of the Nomination and Compensation committee were reelected for another term of office until completion of the next Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders authorized the dividend increase of 4.7% to CHF 2.25 per share. DKSH will distribute CHF 146.1 million to shareholders, with the payout expected to be made as of April 3, 2024. The Group remains committed to its progressive ordinary dividend policy.

DKSH’s shareholders also voted in favor of all other motions. They granted discharge from liability to each member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee, authorized the Group consolidated financial statements and compensation for the financial year 2023, and reelected the Statutory Auditors as well as the Independent Proxy. Equally, the shareholders approved the consultative votes on the Report on Non-Financial Matters (“Sustainability Report”) and the Compensation Report for the financial year 2023.

DKSH’s Chairman, Marco Gadola, commented: “By consistently advancing and developing its business, DKSH continued its track record of growth and margin expansion alongside strong cash generation in 2023. DKSH’s robust business model and strong balance sheet provide resilience and offer growth opportunities for the future. I appreciate the steadfast commitment and tireless efforts of our teams and thank all shareholders for their consistent support. We are dedicated to deliver value to all stakeholders and eagerly anticipate the ongoing collaboration throughout 2024.”