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Better Management of Samples With Cloud-Based Sampling Tool Program Listen with ReadSpeaker

Better Management of Samples With Cloud-Based Sampling Tool Program

Over the years, sampling programs have been an effective approach for doctors and patients to have access to innovative, chronic, and life-saving medication. However, due to the process being largely manual, pharmaceutical companies faced challenges in controlling and managing the samples to the doctors as well as identifying the eligibility of recipients.

This predicament has led to the emergence of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) programs which will provide the way forward to better control and track the distribution of samples. One example is the DKSH Sampling Tool program which comes as a cloud-based SaaS offering designed to help pharmaceutical companies and medical device business to improve the management of the samples provided to healthcare practitioners.

With the Sampling Tool, pharmaceutical and medical device companies can now easily manage and track the distribution of samples to HCPs with greater accuracy and efficiency. This digital tool seamlessly conducts eligibility checks in real-time, collects e-consent, initiates delivery from our delivery hubs, and closely monitors the flow of samples to ensure the benefit reaches the patient (refer to the figure above).

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