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Enriching People’s Lives With More Sustainable Personal Care Products Listen with ReadSpeaker Articles

Enriching People’s Lives With More Sustainable Personal Care Products

With body and hand washes, cleaners, shampoos, and conditioners being some of the most widely used personal care products, DKSH is committed to developing new ingredients that not only enhance these products but also protect the environment.

For example, DKSH continues to innovate with sustainability-driven skincare solutions, as such the Baby One More Time face cleanser powder, designed to act as part of a self-care cleansing ritual. Formulated with natural ingredients at DKSH’s personal care innovation center in Thailand, the powder uses less water in its production process and is free of ingredients known to be harmful to humans and the environment.

The innovative sustainability-focused solution won the Spotlight On Formulation award at in-cosmetics Asia 2022, arguably the biggest annual cosmetics event in Asia. The award is a testament to our efforts to develop industry-leading innovations with a focus on sustainability.

At DKSH, our purpose is to enrich people’s lives. We do so by providing reliable access to high-quality and responsible products and services, creating sustainable value for our partners, and contributing to raising the quality of life in the communities we operate in by generating jobs, perspectives, and opportunities for people’s development and growth.