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Flexo-technology to drive India’s printing and packaging industry in 2021 Listen with ReadSpeaker

Flexo-technology to drive India’s printing and packaging industry in 2021

According to the Confederation of Indian Industry, India is projected to become the fifth-largest consumer market in the world by 2025. New technologies along with a rise in eCommerce, changing lifestyles, urbanization and increased personal health awareness have boosted the growth of the print and packaging industries.

The packaging market has matured over the years and the Indian packaging industry was projected to exceed USD 72 billion at the end of 2020. With the increased focus on eliminating single-use plastic bags, there is also increasing demand for sustainable solutions from the industry.

The constant growth in packaged food consumption means that instead of working solely with gravure technology, manufacturers have started to increasingly look at flexo-technology; not only because of clear global environmental commitments to protect future generations but also because of the real economic benefits of using flexo-technology in printing facilities.

The Indian market is very demanding when it comes to print quality because the comparison is gravure, a common processing method using the indented area of the printing plate often used to print large volumes of magazines and catalogues. Indian customers do not want to compromise at all in this respect. This is where flexo-technology offers manufacturers print stability, excellent impression and registered accuracy which is set and guaranteed with skilled operator assistance. An example is Soma Engineering’s unique Advance Bounce Control system and the ARUN system solutions.

To optimize efficiency, businesses involved in the printing and packaging industries must achieve a fine balance between high-volumes and high-margin product delivery. This is where working with established partners like DKSH and Soma Engineering helps to ensure businesses can increase their market presence and deliver the right product to the right segment. Soma Engineering’s products are robust and deliver industry-leading features.

The expanding availability of new technologies is transforming the print and packaging sectors both globally and in India. Reach out to us if you are keen to know more about the latest technology and solutions available in the market and how you can benefit from this growing market.


Suhas Kulkarni

About the author

Suhas Kulkarni is the General Manager, Business Development Asia Pacific of Technology, Printing Packaging & Converting at DKSH India. Suhas has more than 25 years of experience in the Printing and Packaging industry. With expertise in Flexographic Printing from his early career days, he has helped develop the packaging market and is now focusing on providing sustainable solutions for flexible packaging segment, to ensure the growth of packaging demand is met with greener technologies.