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The Pet Nutrition Industry is Getting Personal Listen with ReadSpeaker

The Pet Nutrition Industry is Getting Personal

According to Rakuten Insight’s latest survey on pet ownership, 53 percent of the respondents in Malaysia indicated that they own pets. The report also showed that pet owners are becoming increasingly conscientious about providing the best nutrition for their furry companions.

Malaysia’s pet food market size is expected to grow from USD 230 million in 2023 to USD 309 million by 2028. The consistent increase in spending in pet care is attributed to the growing trend of “pet humanization”, a common term for owners that see their pets as family members.

Human Wellness Standards

A growing number of pet owners are choosing premium products that mirror their standard of living for their pets. The top considerations for deciding on pet food choices are the health and nutrition of the product.

NielsenIQ revealed that The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approved a new standard for human-grade pet food and specialty nutrition products in 2022, showing human food trends in pet nutrition offerings such as gluten-free, natural/organic, flexitarian, and plant-based.

Owners have also streamlined pet purchasing decisions with personal purchasing decisions in terms of dietary guidelines. Consequently, there is a global upsurge in awareness and recognition of the significance of strategies to enhance the holistic well-being of pets, propelled by the advantages of personalized pet food options.

Benefits of Nutritious Pet Food

Good pet food nutrition undoubtedly improves pets’ quality of life. Science-backed, natural ingredients for proactive health management are on the rise. More brands are offering condition-based pet food that offers clinically proven benefits such as promoting vitality and well-being of the pet.

The ingredients are chosen in line with each pet’s nutritional needs like healthy digestion, strong bones, or forming a beautiful furry coat. Many of these ingredients also are prepared without artificial coloring, added flavoring, and preservatives. All this means, pets can enjoy tasty food and still live a happy and healthy life.

Opportunities for the Pet Industry

There must be better integration between transparent research and product innovation. An example of innovation is for brands to have food that better promotes gut health and gastrointestinal care, such as prebiotics.

As pet owners become more discerning about product quality, veterinarians are increasingly becoming more important sources of information. This provides opportunities for veterinarians to pursue more extensive clinical studies and showcase their expertise to the market they are working in.

With the upsurge in global awareness to enhance the holistic well-being of pets, DKSH is committed to fostering further collaborations in ensuring the welfare of pets in Malaysia. Through our partnerships with trusted pet food brands, we offer personalized pet food options and tailored solutions designed to address specific conditions or needs of the pets.

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Author: James Yong - BU Consumer Goods, Malaysia

About the author

James Yong is the Assistant General Manager for CG3 at DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods. James has over 20 years of experience in FMCG sales, distributor management, sales force effectiveness, sales training, and client management within multinational companies.