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Why “quaranclean” is trending in Indonesia and what are the available solutions? Listen with ReadSpeaker

The new "normal" way of life resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to various lifestyle trends. One that has swiftly picked up in Indonesia is a trend known as “quaranclean”. This refers to any activity where consumers undertake to preserve their mental and physical wellbeing through wellness-related products, cleaning routines and philanthropy activities during the long period of social restrictions.

According to a Mintel report, our mental state improves when our home is clean and organized. During the pandemic, we clean more out of necessity but also to maintain a sense of normalcy. There is an emotional toll when the state of our home deteriorates, especially as a result of spending more time at home due to the pandemic.

Cleaning has evidently been in the spotlight over the past year. The World Health Organization said that cleaning helps to remove pathogens or significantly reduce their load on contaminated surfaces and is an essential first step in any disinfection process.


Health authorities and the public are constantly exploring the most effective ways to disinfect their space and stay healthy as we now work, study, exercise and play at home. These prolonged situations have forced people to be more consistent in implementing basic preventive measures such as washing hands with soap and running water or with hand sanitizers, and not touching their faces with unwashed hands.

With people take cleaning to the next level, it is time for consumer brands in Indonesia to promote health and safety with the use of their products. They can get involved in the following activities.


Aid consumers locally: as companies are coming up with new ways to prevent or kill coronavirus and all other viruses, there is also a broader opportunity to aid consumer decision-making with new products that track the virus at the hyperlocal level.


Focus on task-specific homecare: with consumers taking up home-based activities for wellness like cooking, crafting and exercising, this is an excellent opportunity for brands with task-specific products to grow market share as consumers adapt to the next normal.


Promote homecare as a wellness activity: consumers see homecare routines as a means towards a return to normalcy and to gain a sense of personal achievement during these stressful times. Personal fitness and wellness apps have also incorporated household chores into their tracking capacity.


Position brands as wellness allies: in the years ahead, health and wellbeing will pervade more aspects of consumers’ lives. Homecare brands can use their growing importance to position themselves as mental, community and planetary health allies.

Many household products are being sold in Indonesia that claim to fight against COVID-19 and other viruses. Lately brands are developing more emotional marketing around healthy activities and the specialized cleaners that families require.


To stand out and win over consumers, a brand must explore the use of superior innovation formulations and add more functional or application benefits to the product.

1. Multipurpose shine cleaner spray

Being a multipurpose solution, the product contains raw materials that provide high speed and streak-free cleaning on wooden floors, laminates, glass and plastics. This product’s innovation formulations must allow flexibility at wide pH, be water repellent and impart gloss. To be different from the rest, the formulation must be low in substantivity, which means no residues remain on the treated surface after rinsing with clear water.


2. Instant foam cleaning textile face masks

This product works as a mild anionic surfactant and with its mild cleansing properties, the agent remains functioning even in water. Its active compound in biocidal products can dissolve fat transferred from make-up to food traces on the mask.


3. Car interior shield spray

Any formulation for this car interior cleaner should offer more than just cleaning benefits. It should be able to refresh colors, especially on weathered surfaces while possessing dust and water repellent properties. As research shows that natural scent can lower psychological stress, manufacturers of this product can opt for aloe vera or bamboo fragrances.


4. Personal devices and gadgets cleaner

An effective and practical device cleaning formulation in a humid environment like Indonesia must have good rewetting, a highly effective odor absorber and help make aged surfaces look new. Its main formulation should have low salt content reducing corrosion on metal and steel surfaces.

The opportunity for cleaning-related products lies in how they can focus on aiding consumers locally to promote homecare as a wellness activity in their homes and daily lives. DKSH helps brand owners to develop these solutions using a wide range of homecare and household innovations formulations that support these mental, physical and well-being activities.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss more.


Ricardo Fajar

About the author

Ricardo Fajar Sudarman joined DKSH in December 2015 and has been leading Personal Care Ingredients Business Line, Business Unit Performance Materials ever since. He is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.