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Benefits of choosing the PSU in comparison with conventional MOGUL technology:

  • for gums and jellies, toffee, fudge, marshmallow, brittle, bars, licorice and all other sticking compounds
  • no powder with exhaust, processing and storage necessary
  • precise spraying on surface areas, spots and bodies, in moulds and cavities
  • all sizes of moulds and cavities can be used
  • production into sales packaging possible
  • performance up to 120 spraying-intervals per minute
  • all around structured surfaces of sweets producible
  • for lozenges, drageés, candy, gums and jellies
  • no costly production of forming pins/dies
  • reduction in scrap
  • reduction in the cost per unit
  • fewer steps in the process (see scheme)
  • time saving results in optimal capacity utilisation
  • stable production security at the same high quality
  • individually adjustable to customer-specific product moulds, the size of the plant, and output

Technical specifications

Cavity size: from 6 mm Ø
Cavity configuration: custom
Product shape: custom
Number of cavities per shape custom
Product rotation time: from 1 second
Spray volume / cavity: from 1/1000 ml
Viscosity: 0,5 - 2500 mPas
Cycle time: from 0.5 Sek.
Length/width/height: custom

Key features

  • PSU - PrecisionSprayUnit
  • Adjustable spray quantities
  • DÜBÖR spray valves
  • For constant production - 24/7
  • High-grade design and materials
  • For all glutinous confectionery
  • Creative product design available
  • Low investment and operating costs
Dübör (Dubor)The company DÜBÖR, a specialist for release agents and spraying equipment, has focused on the manufacture of a wide range of products for the baking industry since 1961. Mould and bleach, bowl and belt lubricants or the release of baked goods or confectionery from moulds: The company produces a choice of high-quality products for all baking industry applications and the most specific requirements. Gradually, DÜBÖR Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG, which is headed by its owner Horst Groneweg, grew from a small family business into an internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for baking companies of all kinds and sizes.