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EVALED® evaporators are industrial systems accelerating the natural evaporation process.

Product specification

EVALED® evaporators are low energy consumption and low CO2 footprint systems to treat industrial wastewater, with capacities from 1 to 200 m3/day.

  • Maximum water recovery
  • Minimum quantity of waste to be disposed of
  • Suitable for very scaling and fouling liquids
  • Minimum manpower
  • Remote monitoring (benefits from Industry 4.0)

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Environmental

EVALED® Wastewater Evaporators deliver environmentally conscious and innovative water treatment solutions, providing opportunities for ZLD, water reuse and recycling.

EVALED® Evaporators uses Evaporation Technologies for Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

EVALED® represent a good response to the increasing problem of water shortage providing opportunities for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), water reuse and recycling, delivering environmentally conscious and innovative water treatment solutions.

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