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Cellgraph is an imaging system designed to detect extremely weak bio- luminescent signals from a single cell. In combination with luciferase markers, Cellgraph can visualize the cell dynamics - time dependent changes of transcriptional activities in individual cells and localization to inner cell components (organelles).

The Cellgraph Viewer software simplifies image analysis with its user-friendly interface. It offers various functions such as luminescent intensity measurement, movie creation, and montage generation. The ROI mode within the analysis tools enables the measurement of bioluminescent intensities in specific regions of interest. The results of this analysis can be exported as CSV format files for further use.

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Technical Specifications

Detector Back- illuminated EM CCD (-80°C) Down to -90°C (water cooling, optional)
Pixels 512 × 512
Objective lens ×4, (optional ×10, 20, 40, 60)
Stage X-Y-Z axis : Manual
Z axis : Motorized (external control)
Sample container 35mm dish
Temperature room temperature +5°C to 45°C
CO2 (option) Humidifying Unit, CO2 gas mixer
Lighting White LED for bright field image
Blue LED for GFP excitation
Filter 525(GFP), 560, 620 nm long pass filter
Imaging modes Live/Interval/Stage control/
Filter Switch Automatic control of set filter
Exposure time 30 msec to 90 minutes
Power (main body) AC 100-240 V 106VA (varies according to the components of the whole system)
Dimension 400 M x 450 (D) x 700 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 40 kg (Cellaraph main body only)

View the entire technical specifications in the brochure.

Key Features

  • Real time reporter gene assay
  • Transcriptional factor activity, Clock gene (chronopharmacology). Gene expression (Transfection,RNAi,etc)
  • Analysis of cell responses
  • Drug response(Anti-cancer drug,DDS,etc),Stress response (Hormone,Inflammation,Anti-Oxidant), Cytotoxichology
  • Analysis of signal pathway
  • Signal cascade (Calcium), Apoptosis,etc
  • Acquire images of culturing cells or tissue samples on a 35 mm dish in the living state
  • Provide a CO₂ incubator equivalent atmosphere by controlling the temperature, CO₂ gas concentration, and humidifying
  • Highly sensitive and accurate detection of faint bioluminescence with an EM-CCD camera
  • Isolates and captures multicolor faint bioluminescence
  • Easy operation via a user-friendly interface
  • Full control from a PC with dedicated software
  • Completely lightproof, compact design

Quantitative Data Analysis of Luminescent Intensities in Living Cells

Cellgraph Viewer is an image analysis software. It is very simple and easy to use, and has multiple function such as luminescent intensity measurement, making movie and montage... etc.. The ROI mode in analysis tools provides the function to measure bioluminescent intensities individually in any given region of interest. The result of analyzing bioluminescence intensity data can be exported as CSV format files.

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  • Education & Academics
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
ATTOATTO Corporation is a scientific instrument developer and manufacturer of protein/nucleic acid research. Long been providing more than 60 years for Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Devices, PAGEL (precast gel), Western blot solutions, Peristaltic Pumps, Printgraph (High-end Gel Documentation System), Luminograph series (Imaging System for bio/chemiluminescence detection), etc. Their products have been used in many laboratories in Japan and other countries.