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BacSomaticTM provides rapid hygiene testing of milk. BacSomatic is the first-ever integrated bacteria and somatic cell tester and offers full automation for minimal reagent handling and consistent test results.

Integrated bacteria and somatic cell tester

Automatic and fast alternative to manual assay, providing instant, simultaneous results for individual bacteria and somatic cell count within 9.5 minutes and 1.5 minutes for somatic cell count alone.

More accurate than alternative methods

A fully automated procedure avoids the risk of human error and inconsistency, while ready-to-use reagents in an enclosed bag system, ensure the exact same dosage for every measurement. A sensor in the reagent bag indicates the number of available tests remaining. The unique reagent concept includes control samples for quality assurance and GLP. Online remote monitoring ensures consistent performance and high uptime.

Simple and flexible to use

Built on a long heritage of Foss analytical technology and backed by global Foss support, BacSomatic combines robust performance with a modern interface. Very easyto-use with intuitive touch-screen operation for smarter money-saving decisions on how to use milk.

Sample types

Raw cow’s milk and buffalo milk


Individual Bacteria Count (IBC) Somatic Cell Count (SCC)


Flow cytometry technology, counting individual bacteria cells and somatic cells. The IBC results can be converted to CFU results. BacSomatic software includes an easy and rapid tool to develop a robust conversion table between IBC and CFU.


EURL/Microval FDA/NCIMS In compliance with ISO/IDF standards

Technical Specifications

Analysis capacity SCC and IBC:15 samples/hour
Only IBC:15 samples/hour
Only SCC: 40 samples/hour
Carry over IBC: <1% relative, usually <0.5%
SCC: <1% relative, usually <0.5%
Analysis time 9.5 minutes IBC
1.5 minutes SCC alone
Sample intake IBC and SCC: 7.2 ml
IBS: 6.4 ml
SCC: 2.5 ml
Sample temperature 2 - 42°C (35.6-107.6°F) (preserved)
2 - 4°C (non preserved)
Network connections Mosaic
W x D x H (mm) 400 x 400 x 400
Weight 25 kg
Working factor IBC: 100
SCC: 100
Measuring range IBC: 5000-20 mln IBC/ml
SCC: 0-10 mln cells/m
Performance range IBC: 10000-10 mln IBC/ml
SCC: 100000-1.5 mln cells/ml
Repeatability IBC:
Sr≤0.07 log relative, usually 0.06 at10-50 IBC/μl
Sr≤0.05 log relative, usually 0.04 at51-200 IBC/μl
Sr≤0.04 log relative, usually 0.02 at >200 IBC/μl
CV<6% at 100000 cells/ml
CV<4% at 300000 cells/ml
CV<3% at 500000 cells/ml
Accuracy IBC: Typical Sy,x <0.25 log units from SPC (plate counting)
SCC: <10% relative mean different from direct microscopic SCC


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