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IKA - Magic LAB

The magic LAB® is a unique and multi-functional small-scale laboratory machine. It is designed for mixing, dispersing, wet milling and incorporation of powders into liquids. The magic LAB® is most frequently used for the development of new products or for optimizing of existing process techniques, particularly in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. It is an ideal machine for continuous, circulating and batch processing with interchangeable modules. Many work parameters of the magic LAB® are identical to those of the IKA 2000 inline production machines: UTL, DR, CMS, MHD, MK and MKO. Therefore, the magic LAB® ensures a reliable scale-up by offering the possibility to work with the same method from formulation development to mass production. The basic in-line machine is equipped with the single-stage dispersing module ULTRA-TURRAX® UTL. It is best suited for batch applications and can be adapted for the manufacturing of dispersions from coarse to fine. Compared to a conventional stirrer, the mixing time is reduced by up to 50%. Depending on the application, the basic unit can be modified quickly with different working modules.

Technical specifications

magic LAB® with module UTL

Motor power (kW) 0.9
Process pressure (max.) (bar) 2.5
Process temperature, max. (°C) 80

Key features

  • Flexibility and ease of use: one machine suits for many applications and variety of processes
  • Optimum mixing , dispersing and wet milling results due to rotor tip speed up to 40 m/s and therefore high energy input into the working area
  • Simple heating or cooling of all modules
  • Together with inline machines of 2000 series enables seamless transition of processes from laboratory to production while retaining the product quality
  • Easy and quick exchange of the modules as well as conversion to a complete working plant
  • User-friendly operation via the magic LAB® controller
  • Practical transport and storage packaging
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