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Industrial Bench and Floor Scales

1. Bench and Floor Scales

Minebea Intec offers an extensive portfolio of bench and floor scales. Whether you are looking for a scale for simple weighing operations or for applications such as piece counting, filling or check weighing, you have come to the right place with the leading manufacturer and supplier of weighing and inspection technology. All scales are characterized by precise and fast measuring results, user-friendly operation and high-quality workmanship.

2. Weighing Platforms

We offer a complete portfolio of weighing platforms and floor scales which you can connect to either a weighing terminal or directly to a control system. The portfolio includes painted and stainless-steel platforms with a weighing capacity from 3 kg to 3 tons, available with or without weights & measures approval.

3. Ex Solutions

When you are looking for weighing solutions for a hazardous area, you want to play it safe. Minebea Intec can not only provide you with the products and components that offer the required Ex certifications, we can also provide you with engineering support for making sure that your scale also delivers the expected weighing performance.

Available models


The bench scale Miras® can be relied upon to meet a range of requirements. The indicator is mounted on a stand, which is delivered as standard. The specifications and options are as follows:

  • Large 25 mm LCD with backlight
  • Weighing range: 3 kg to 3000 kg · Display resolution up to 15000d
  • Selectable weight unit: kg, g, lb,oz, t, pcs 
  • Application: Check weighing function, Simple counting function, Gross|Net function
  • Weighing system: Using C3 strain gauge load cell
  • Protection classes: Series painted IP65 rating, Series stainless steel IP67 rating
  • Power supply voltage, frequency: AC 100-240V AC, 50| 60 Hz or DC power: 6 1.5 VD size dry battery, rechargeable battery 12V


The bench and floor scale Midrics® is a proven tough complete scale for reliable quality control, for example in the grocery, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and metal industries. Boasting a long product lifetime, they are robust and easy to clean. The indicator can be set up according to the use regardless of location of the platform and can even be mounted on a stand. Choose between:

  • Two easy-to-use indicators
  • IP65 or IP67/IP68 protection classes
  • A variety of finishes
  • Load ranges of between 3 kg and 3 t
  • Readability from 0.2 g to 200 g
  • Platforms in various designs and sizes
  • Verification mode
  • A range of resolutions from 3,000 d to 15,000 d
  • A wide range of interfaces
  • An extensive range of accessories, options and add-ons


The bench and floor scale Combics® combines precision and versatility. All platforms are equipped with proven precision strain-gauge technology, and some models have high-resolution electromechanical force compensation. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility to install the indicator and platform separately as well as targeted replacement of individual components. Choose between:

  • Three easy-to-use indicators for various requirements 
  • A variety of finishes, e.g., stainless steel 
  • Load ranges of between 3 kg and 3 t 
  • Readability from 0.05 g to 200 g 
  • Platforms in various designs and sizes 
  • A range of resolutions from 3,000 d to 340,000 d
  • Verification mode and explosion-proof solutions 
  • An extensive range of accessories, options, and add-ons


The bench scale Signum® is available in a range of resolutions depending on the level of precision required:

Signum® Regular

  • Standard SG weighing system

  • High level of built-in overload protection

  • Resolution up to 35,000 d Signum® Advanced

  • Mechatronic SG weighing system ▪ Both high-resolution and economical thanks to added electronic compensation

  • Resolutions up to 80,000 d or 150,000 d Signum® Supreme

  • Monolithic EMFC weighing system

  • Precise measurements that minimise product loss and increase profitability

  • Precise measurements at all times thanks to the built-in motorised calibration weight

  • Resolutions up to 350,000 d or 620,000 d

Signum® Supreme

  • Monolithic EMFC weighing system 

  • Precise measurements that minimise product loss and increase profitability 
  • Precise measurements at all times thanks to the built-in motorised calibration weight 
  • Resolutions up to 350,000 d or 620,000 d

Pallet scale IU

The pallet scale IU comes in 48 basic models, allowing us to offer an individual weighing solution for the widest possible range of industry requirements at any time. Every pallet scale will have been conformity tested when it is delivered from the factory. The range is rounded off by a comprehensive choice of additional options:

  • A variety of finishes, e.g., stainless steel
  • Explosion-proof solutions
  • IP65 or IP68 protection classes
  • Resolution from 15,000 d to 30,000 d, 1 x 3,000 e and 2 x 3,000 e
  • Load ranges of between 300 kg and 3,000 kg
  • U platforms in various designs and sizes
  • Sheet inserts and additional stands available on request
  • Custom specifications available on request

Flat-bed scale IF

The flat-bed scale IF has been developed for the maximum possible ground-level use in the smallest possible space. It is a high-quality, flexible, and mobile weighing station, which can be used anywhere in the production process where reliable measurements and hygienic solutions are required. Its benefits and options are:

  • Custom specifications available on request
  • A variety of finishes, e.g., stainless steel
  • Verification mode and explosion-proof solutions
  • IP65, IP68 or IP69 protection classes
  • Resolution up to 30,000 d and up to 2 x 3,000 e in situations where verification is required
  • Load ranges of between 150 kg and 3,000 kg
  • Platforms in various designs and sizes

Expanded Explosion-Proof Weighing Applications

The new explosion-proof CAIXS2 display supports a wide variety of explosion-proof weighing systems, enabling optimal measurements to be easily made.

Leading Technology by Minebea Intec

Overview of Minebea Intec Explosion Proof Combics, Signum & IF Scales

Minebea Intec Concept Scales

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Defense
  • Die & Mould
  • Education & Academics
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Luxury
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Optical
  • Paper & Wood
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Railway
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Service
  • Shipbuilding
  • Textile
  • Wholesale & Retail
Minebea Intec

Leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies

Minebea Intec is a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies. Our mission is to increase the reliability, safety and efficiency of our customers’ production processes. To do this, we provide high-quality products, solutions and services that ensure a high level of safety.

Minebea Intec’s excellent performance is based on 150 years of experience, our distinct German Quality and continuous investments in the development of innovative technologies. Our strong global presence and an extensive network of distribution partners ensure that our customers can rely on top Minebea Intec quality – any time, anywhere. Our goal is to set strong standards in all areas of our company, which is reflected in our brand slogan, ‘the true measure’.

By purchasing Minebea Intec products, every day, customers all over the world are choosing more than just innovative technologies: they are also choosing top-quality service performance and comprehensive support throughout the entire life cycle of their product. Our aim is to fulfil our customers’ requirements no matter what the industry, and to be the first port of call for weighing and inspection technologies. In short: the best expert you could have!

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