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The BluVisionTM is specially designed for environmental labs that have a wide variety of sample types and matrices for analysis. The Skalar discrete analyzer automates the sample & reagent pipetting into the cuvettes, mixing, heating and measuring of the reaction product.

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Technical Specifications

BluVision Discrete Analyzer

Sample positions/volume 100tubes/ up to 10mL (5 racks with 20 positions)
Reagent positions/volume 24 containers 50mL
8 containers 10mL 8 containers 10mL
Cuvette positions 640 (160 in cuvette tray and 480 in autoloader)
Cuvette light path 15mm
Cuvette heating 37 or 40 deg.C
Pipette station and volume 500uL
Detector Dual beam
Detector resolution 0.0001AU
Filter wheel 8 different filter pre-installed (between 340nm and 900nm)
Simultaneous tests Up to 20 different tests possible in the same run
Waste Separate collection of hazardous waste
Software DiscreteAccess™

Key Features

  • Complete “walk-away” automation
  • Accurate low ppb level detection
  • Disposable cuvette blocks, eliminating any carry-over between sample
  • User-friendly, no contact with toxic or corrosive agent
  • Autoloader for an additional 48 cuvette blocks
  • Automatic creation of calibrations from stock solution
  • Sample pre- and post-dilution functions

BluVision Discrete Analyzer

  • Food & Beverage
  • Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical
SkalarSkalar, the world leader in wet chemistry technology, offers over 300 proven applications utilizing various combinations of automatic dilutions, additions, mixing, heating, dialysis, extractions, distillation, digestion, phase-separation, hydrolysis, ion-exchange/reduction and more. Skalar has developed a proven systematic approach to provide a quality system starting with complete applications engineered on customer samples to provide the best possible configuration to the customer needs and requirements, training and installation by qualified specialists and complete application and service support.
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