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Surface Measurement Systems - DVS Adventure

The DVS Adventure is an advanced water vapor sorption analyzer that enables unparalleled accuracy and detailed insight into the sorption properties of solid-state materials.

Employing the Dynamic Vapor Sorption Method, the DVS Adventure contains the cumulative knowledge of 25 years’ worth of Surface Measurement Systems’ excellence in vapor generation, measuring sorption and desorption isotherms over a broad range of humidities and temperatures.

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Technical Specifications

Temperature (Temperature-controlled enclosure)

Control range: 5 – 85 °C
Control precision: ±0.1 °C (from 5 – 60 ºC, 60 – 85 °C ±0.2 °C)
Enclosure also provides anti-condensation protection
High-temperature preheater for sample curing/drying/preconditioning Delivers local sample temperatures of up to 200 °C
Heating ramp rates: up to 5 °C / min
Sensors: Pt-100 thermocouple type K

Mass Measurement

Ultrabalance Low Mass Maximum load: 1000 mg
Mass change: ±150 mg
Resolution: 0.01 μg
Balance noise: ≤ 0.3 μg
Ultrabalance High Mass Maximum load: 5000 mg
Mass change: ±1000 mg
Resolution: 0.1 μg
Balance noise: ≤ 3 μg

Adventure stand

Manifold: stainless steel
Seals: Viton
Tubing: 1/4 inch stainless steel

Relative humidity generation and measurement

High accuracy digital mass flow controllers for delivering gases with humidity control of less than ±0.1%RH
Relative humidity sensor with measurement precision of ±0.1%RH
Relative humidity range generated from 0 to 98% (dependent on temperature)
  • Range: 5 to 60oC – 0 to 98% RH, 60 to 85oC – 0 to 85% RH
  • Accuracy*: 5 to 60oC ± 0.5% RH, 60 to 85oC ± 1% RH*
  • Optional configuration (heated reservoir) for long-term 85oC, 85% RH operation.
  • Computer hardware and software
  • The system is fully automated and controlled by purpose-built software. Data can be analyzed in real-time using analysis software

Software Specifications

DVS control software

• Multiple-method protocols incorporating sample pre-heating and temperature changes during an experiment
• Ramp or step changes in relative humidity
• Humidity or temperature stages may be based on fixed-time or user-defined dm/dt criteria
• Isotherm and isoactivity experiments
• Experiments may include half, full or multiple partial pressure, or temperature cycles
• Create sequences that allow multiple experiments to be executed one after another
• Simple data export and analysis can be performed without interruption of experiments
• Network data backup functionality is also included

DVS data analysis suite

• Plot manager
• Isotherm manager
• Permeability and diffusion
• Kinetics information
• Heat of sorption
• Tg determinations
• Amorphous conten

Key Benefits and Applications

Key hardware benefits:

  • Open stand design enabling easy access to sample pan
  • Stainless steel stand to minimize static electrical charging
  • Wide operational temperature range (5-85 ºC) and uniform temperature enclosure
  • Next-generation control and evaluation software for the most advanced experimental design and data analysis
  • Capability to upgrade to organic vapors and gasses
  • Optional IR, Raman, and Video imaging

Key measuring capabilities:

  • Water sorption and desorption isotherms
  • In-situ sample drying to 200 ºC
  • Multiple sorption/desorption and sample drying cycles
  • Sample masses from 1mg to 5000mg
  • Diffusion and permeability measurements
  • Moisture sorption with very low uptake
  • Moisture sorption kinetics and Isotherms
  • Diffusion coefficients
  • Hydration and dehydration studies
  • Moisture diffusion into electronic pastes
  • Determination of Amorphous Content
  • Humidity-induced phase transitions
  • DVS Video Imaging – Phase Changes
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Education & Academics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
Surface Measurement SystemsSurface Measurement Systems develops and engineers innovative experimental techniques and instrumentation for physico-chemical characterization of complex solids. We are the world leaders in Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) technology and Inverse Gas Chromatography instrumentation and solutions, providing professional world-class scientific and technical support for our international customers.
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