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TA Instruments is the world’s leading supplier of HP-TGA instruments.

Collect the most accurate weight data with easy-to-use HP-TGA systems, capable of measuring diverse materials in controlled high-pressure environments.

TA Instruments offers the world’s most comprehensive line of High-Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzers, equipped with TA’s proprietary Magnetic Suspension Balances. Discovery HP-TGA and DynTHERM TGA are designed for scientists who need to accurately weigh their materials in the widest range of temperature and pressure in reactive atmospheres or steam.


Adding the 3rd Dimension to Thermogravimetry

Standard thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is frequently applied to measure the weight of a material as function of temperature, but standard TGA does not provide sufficient information under extreme conditions. Many materials are exposed to not only high pressure, but also humidity or reactive gas atmospheres in their normal use. In these cases, testing materials with high-pressure TGA provides a genuine assessment of stability, decomposition and lifetime.

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HP TGA Series

Temperature Range RT – 1100 °C RT – 1700 °C
Pressure Range Vacuum – 80 bar Vacuum – 50 bar
Max. Heating / Cooling rate 200 K/min LP: 100 K/min
HP: 20 K/min
Sample mass / Weighing range 500 mg / 500 mg 25 g / 20 g
Sample crucible volume 90 µl 635 µl
Max. sample dimensions
(placed directly without crucible)
n/a H = 25 mm
W = 20 mm
Max. number of gases for blending 3 5
Steam generator and dosing Yes Yes

Available models

TA Instruments invites you to experience three new high pressure thermogravimetric (HP-TGA) instruments, the Discovery HP-TGA 75, HP-TGA 750, and HP-TGA 7500. From the world leader in Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB) technology for over 20 years comes an ingeniously designed, user-friendly top-loading microbalance with unprecedented performance. In addition, the Discovery HP-TGA’s are the first available in a convenient benchtop design and feature on-board gas & steam dosing and blending systems, temperature control to 1100°C, One-Touch-Away™ functionality, and TA’s powerful TRIOS software. Getting great high pressure data has never been so easy!


Key Features


  • Patented* top-loading magnetic levitation balance enables sealed environment for thermogravimetric testing in reactive atmospheres under high pressure (up to 80 bar) and high temperatures (up to 1100°C)
  • Unrivaled 0.1 μg balance resolution provides the most accurate measurements of small samples or materials with rapid reaction kinetics
  • Top-loading balance design ensures superior weight stability at high temperature and pressure, and provides convenient access to sample for easy loading/unloading
  • Integrated gas & steam dosing & pressure control eliminates need for a separate system and enables a compact footprint
  • Highly accurate balance temperature control for optimized baseline stability
  • Non-porous isolation material in contact with the reaction gas within the furnace eliminates potential retention of gases (“memory” effect) and enables rapid attainment of vacuum
  • Curie-point calibration eliminates the effects of the reaction gas type and pressure on the temperature measurement
  • Compact design puts high pressure TGA on the benchtop, minimizing valuable lab space requirements and enabling installation in a fume hood to easily manage ventilation when working with toxic gases
  • High heating and cooling rates (~200 K/min**), even under high pressure, reduces potential for unwanted side reactions and improves sample throughput
  • Small internal volume allows for rapid gas changes and quick pressurization, low gas consumption, and safe operational conditions due to the small quantity of compressed gas

The DynTHERM TGA is an advanced gravimetric instrument featuring a patented* Magnetic Suspension Balance that enables measurement of weight changes of materials under high pressure, in the presence of a variety of gases, vapors, or steam, from room temperature to 1700°C. A flexible selection of gas & vapor dosing and blending devices provide accurate control of the composition and the pressure of the reaction atmosphere. Designed and built with over 20 years of experience and field proven by hundreds of customers, the Rubotherm Series DynTHERM TGA offers the widest available temperature and pressure range of all high pressure gravimetric analyzers and represents the industry standard for application relevant analysis.


Key Features


  • Non-contact sample weighing enables hermetic separation between sample cell and balance, eliminating risk of balance damage from reaction gases, pressure or temperature inside the sample cell
  • Metallically sealed sample reactor cell enables measurements in corrosive, explosive, or toxic reaction gases, up to high temperatures, and from vacuum to high pressure
  • Unique automatic sample decoupling enables taring of balance during experiments and provides unmatched long-term baseline stability for the most accurate measurements, without manual balance calibrations required by competitive devices
  • Entire sample cell wetted by the reaction gases can be heated, preventing condensation of reaction gas vapors such as water vapor, CO2, ammonia etc., even at high pressures or humidity
  • Sophisticated gas and vapor dosing, blending, and pressure controlling systems for precise reaction atmosphere control with integrated gas sampling for evolved gas analysis
  • The large dynamic weighing range and sample volume allows measurements with representative, large and/or heavy samples
TA instrumentsTA instruments provides innovative material characterization instruments that are widely used for research, analysis, and quality control in the evaluation of physical properties. We are the world’s leading supplier of thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry instruments, and our product areas have expanded to include thermal conductivity & diffusivity, dilatometry, rubber testing, and dynamic mechanical characterization.