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Thermo Scientific™ - Microbiology - SureTect PCR Food Pathogen Testing

Rapid and accurate detection of foodborne pathogens

Perform food safety tests confidently with the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR System. Built on proven PCR technology and backed by world-class service and support, the SureTect System is designed to quickly and accurately detect foodborne pathogens in a broad range of foods and associated samples. Take advantage of simple and streamlined workflows that utilize a single same-day or overnight enrichment step, direct lysis protocol for DNA release, and universal cycling parameters.

Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Food Safety Real-Time PCR System

Ensure long-term confidence in your PCR pathogen testing system with the simplicity of SureTect Assay workflows combined with the modern, flexible Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 5 Food Safety Real-Time PCR System.

  • Efficient: process several hundred samples a day – over 700 tests in a 8h shift
  • Simple: ‘plug and play’ ready to use out of the box
  • Flexible: open platform suitable for running our full range of PCR solutions for food safety, authenticity, and quality testing, as well  as various applications including agribusiness and research use.
  • Cloud-enabled: offering the potential for data sharing, analysis and trending

6-channels support a wide range of PCR tests, including Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Assays, RapidFinder™ Salmonella Multiplex Assay, and TaqMan™ and MicroSEQ™ Assays

Featured models

Detect Salmonella species  in food and environmental samples with the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Salmonella Species PCR Assay which incorporates optimized primer and probe components for highly-specific detection of Salmonella species. The assay has been AOAC-RI and NF VALIDATION™ validated with a variety of matrices and a range of samples sizes and enrichments, following the AOAC or NF validated methods, to reduce the need for in-house validation prior to use. The internal amplification control confirms correct assay conditions have occurred and results can be relied on.

Carry out rapid food protection testing with the Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 5 Food Safety Real-Time PCR System. The affordable and easy-to-use system is ideal for users who need superior performance, maximum dye versatility, and security options in a real time PCR system.

The QuantStudio™5 Food Safety System is a high performance benchtop platform combining ease-of-use and system connectivity. Benefit from the flexibility of a 6-channel, 96-well, cloud-enabled open platform suitable for running our full range of PCR solutions for food safety, authenticity, and quality testing.

Simply and accurately detect Cronobacter species in enriched powdered infant formula, infant formula raw materials, and production environment samples, in less than 20 hours with the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Cronobacter Species PCR Assay. AFNOR-certified, approved by NF VALIDATION™, and shown to provide negative results two days earlier than the current ISO TS 22964 method, the SureTect Cronobacter Species PCR Assay delivers speed, accuracy and reliability of results. Make faster decisions on product or equipment release while protecting consumers, your brand and your bottom line.

SureTect Real-Time PCR System for Food Pathogen Detection

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