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Today environmentally friendly aqueous cleaning has taken on the most important role for the intermediate and final cleaning of parts. They tend to be preferred if a large quantity has to be cleaned and/or fine and finest cleaning has to be carried out.

Cleaning systems for aqueous cleaning are available as flow-through spray units, single-chamber and multi-chamber systems. To attain a sufficient level of cleaning we integrate mechanical applications into the system, such as ultrasonics or injection flood washing, for example.

Available models


Rising demands for the quality of parts require increasingly complex solutions from industrial parts cleaning processes. With the EcoCcore a solvent cleaning machine perfectly tailored to satisfy these requirements has been designed. The system offers maximum flexibility and high capacity with respect to throughput and volumes, with optimized cost efficiency as the result. 

Maximum flexibility and high capacity with enhanced cost efficiency
The system design of the EcoCcore combines all the benefits of a solvent-based cleaning system with extremely simple operation. 

Users benefit from:

  • A higher load capacity: increases throughput and lowers unit costs.
  • Adaptable operation: with hydrocarbons and modified alcohols for changing production conditions.
  • Optimized system technology: for improved part cleaning.
  • Exceptional ease of maintenance: smart modular construction facilitates ease of maintenance.
  • Intuitive system operation: a new HMI panel with clearly laid out process tracking which includes integrated partial visualization.
  • High flexibility: via a variety of available load compositions, combination filter housing and component preservation options.

The EcoCWave is a powerful spray flood cleaning system with a vacuum-tight work chamber. At the user’s option, it can be equipped for either two or three independent cleaning steps. The use of upright cylindrical flood tanks,which have been developed for fine cleaning applications, ensure an optimized fluid management, a high flexibility and improved process quality. 

Offering a choice of two different work chamber sizes, the system enables you to make-up your individual specific batches. Therefore per-unit product costs are minimized. For your EcoCWave machine, Dürr Ecoclean offers an extensive range of options which are individually selectable to suit your requirements.


The EcoCCube was conceived for the qualitatively effective, aqueous spray cleaning of machined and non-machined individual parts with diverse geometries. The very compact dimensions of the system meet the demand for more efficient cleaning technology when space is limited. This also makes it ideal for use as a local or stand-alone solution for intermediate cleaning, as well as for simpler cleaning tasks.

Work pieces soiled with oil and/or emulsion can be cleaned as individual or bulk components. The system works with a high circulating flow rate, both when cleaning and when rinsing. The cleaning effect of the medium used is supported through the rotation of the parts in the work chamber. The parts are dried by means of high-temperature air circulation without loss of vapor. This guarantees optimal cleaning results at a high throughput.


  • Oil skimmer
  • Full-stream filtration
  • Floor tray
  • Discharge pump
  • Programmable control system with 10 programs

EcoCMax is a highly efficient cleaning system that offers two outstanding characteristics:

Extensive equipment for a wide range of applications 
EcoCMax is a single-chamber aqueous cleaning system. A 3-stage cleaning process, including drying, takes place in the vacuum-proof work chamber. The set-up of the cleaning program can easily be adjusted to accommodate the degree or type of workpiece contamination.
Whether for removing persistent dirt or fine cleaning, the flexible application of spray washinginjection flood washing (IFW) and ultrasonic cleaning – individually or in combination – ensures the cleanliness of parts in all cases.

High treatment performance of the cleaning media 
Furthermore, the consistently high treatment performance of the cleaning media is outstanding. The filter system and cascade guidance can be flexibly adjusted by the operator. The system provides a consistently stable bath quality and thus reliable cleaning results.

Universal 81W

The Universal 81W cleaning system is a low-cost, highly efficient system which, owing to its modular design, can be used for a very wide range of applications in cleaning parts.

Depending on the features installed the Universal 81W is suitable not only for removing oil and emulsion from mass-produced parts but also for the fine cleaning of assembly parts. All the cleaning stages use an immersion process and aqueous media.

Equipment & Processes:

  • Cleaning and drying process in a vacuum-proof work chamber
  • Work chamber is fed from the front, manually or automatically
  • Automatic work chamber door locking
  • Rotation and oscillation movements to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Integrated full-flow filtration
  • Integrated oil separator
  • Siemens S7 PLC control system for custom programming of process sequences
  • Error diagnosis via plain text display on operator control panel
  • Closed system housing with maintenance doors for optimum access
Mega 86W

For applications where high throughputs and / or high qualities of finish have to be achieved by fine cleaning in multistage aqueous immersion cleaning processes the Mega 86W cleaning system offers a wide variety of possibilities.

On account of the various processes and features available the Mega 86W 
cleaning system is used for mass-produced bulk items just as successfully as for fine cleaning of injection system parts or medical components.

Equipment & Processes: 

  • Multi-stage washing and rinsing process with hot-air drying
  • Area-coverage cleaning due to immersion cleaning process
  • Parts baskets can be rotated, oscillated, raised and lowered in order to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Automatic parts basket lid placement
  • All stainless steel pipework
  • Waste water-free operation due to integrated treatment unit AQUACLEAN
  • Throughput can be increased with extra rotation frames
  • Conveyor unit is driven by maintenancefree servo motors
  • Custom programming of process sequences
  • Error diagnosis via plain text display on operator control panel
  • Closed system housing with large sliding doors for optimum access
  • Automatic conveyor

Key Features

  • Efficient cleaning: effective cleaning and rinsing at short cycle times and long bath lives
  • Small footprint: compact system design ready for connection
  • High cleaning quality: optimized cleaning results thanks to shifted parts, also for damage sensitive parts
  • Modern system design with integrated, intuitive HMI control panel
  • Waste water-free during operation
  • Maximum bath life due to continuous treatment
  • Minimum energy input due to heat recovery
  • Minimum volume of waste for disposal due to concentration of residues
  • Low consumption of cleaning media
  • Flexible adaptation to throughput and cleaning quality
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Die & Mould
  • Energy
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Railway
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Shipbuilding
EcocleanSBS Ecoclean develops and markets products, systems and service solutions for industrial cleaning technology and water-based surface treatment. Our technology and service are trusted by our customers from the automotive industry and their suppliers as well as customers from the broad industrial market – from manufacturers of parts and components for medical and optical technology to the aircraft industry.
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