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A common cleaning media for wet-chemical processes are solvents.

Depending on the targetted cleanliness, the material compatibility and the nature of the contamination that has to be cleaned off either:

  1. (Non-halogenated) hydrocarbons
  2. Chlorinated solvents or
  3. Polar solvents may be selected.

Available models

Minio 85C

The compact solution that takes up minimal space. Being highly powerful cleaning media non-halogenated hydro- carbons allow safe and economical use of solvents for removing oil, grease and swarf between or after production processes. Both small facilities with comparatively low production capacities and large-scale plants with decentralised cleaning stations benefit from the sophisticated process technology of the Minio 85 C cleaning system.

Many different programme variants with immersion processes, vapour degreasing and vacuum drying ensure ideal conditions to meet the requirements expected of modern manufacturing processes in terms of quality and functionality. This small system with an appropriate size of basket is always supplied with double filtration (flood tank – work chamber and workchamber – flood tank).

Equipment & Processes: 

  • Cleaning and drying process in a closed work chamber
  • Second flood tank for fine cleaning
  • Circulation filtration with high-power injection flood washing
  • Manual work chamber loading at the front
  • Manual door lock on the work chamber
  • Multiple monitoring of safety-relevant temperatures and pressures in the tanks
  • Rotation and swivel movements of the parts baskets to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Continuous solvent treatment by vacuum distillation
  • Siemens S7 control system for customised programming of the processes
  • Error diagnosis with plain text display on the control panel
  • Minimisation of energy input due to heat recovery
  • Amply sized maintenance and cleaning openings in the tanks
  • Closed equipment housing with maintenance doors for optimum access
  • 8 washing programmes

EcoCBase C2 is designed to allow an easy entry into the industrial cleaning. The excellent cost/performance ratio makes the machine a very attractive solution, especially in times of reduced investment budgets. The compact system is fully standardized, using easy, proven technology and requires only a small footprint. The EcoCBase C2 uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons as highly effective and economic cleaning media for removing oils, greases, emulsions and swarf. The machine can alternatively be used between or after the manufacturing process, either in small factories with comparatively low production capacities or in large factories with decentralized cleaning stations.

Equipped with one flood tank, vacuum drying, circulation and bypass filtration, the basic version of the EcoCBase C2 already offers a solution for various cleaning tasks – from workpiece degreasing to removal of smaller particles of dirt with less than < 100 µm.


Rising demands for the quality of parts require increasingly complex solutions from industrial parts cleaning processes. With the EcoCCore a solvent cleaning machine perfectly tailored to satisfy these requirements has been designed. The system offers maximum flexibility and high capacity with respect to throughput and volumes, with optimized cost efficiency as the result.


The system design of the EcoCCore combines all the benefits of a solvent-based cleaning system with extremely simple operation.


The EcoCCompact is a single-chamber cleaning system for industrial parts cleaning and preservation with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols operating under full vacuum. It offers a high cleaning quality at short cycle times combined with a maximum of flexibility for diverse cleaning tasks. 

With its flexible modular system (from 1 to 3 tank version) the EcoCCompact is easily adapted to individual customer needs. The system is therefore suitable for a broad application range from rapid degreasing up to demanding cleaning operations in compliance with exacting cleanliness specifications.

Offering a choice of two different work chamber sizes the system enables you to make-up your individual specific batches. Therefore per-unit product costs are minimized. For your EcoCCompact machine, Dürr Ecoclean offers an extensive range of options which are individually selectable to suit your requirements.


For cost-efficient degreasing and parts cleaning, machines capable of handling very high capacities in a reliable, economical and energy-saving manner at high speeds are required, in particular, in hardening and metalforming applications as well as in the automotive and aircraft industries.

The innovative EcoCDuty large-chamber cleaning system relies on hydrocarbons or polar solvents (modified alcohols) and is rated for loads measuring 1,250 x 840 x 970 mm and weighing up to 1 tonne. Thanks to its modular design, this large-chamber full-vacuum cleaning unit can be adapted flexibly to specific user requirements.

Configured as a steam degreaser in its standard version, the EcoCDuty is additionally available with one or two flood tanks (e.g., for a process comprising steam degreasing and injection flood washing or steam degreasing, injection flood washing plus a preserving step). The system can effectively remove chlorinated metalworking fluids. Moreover, it is fully suitable for cleaning off sulphur-containing oil.

Key Features

  • Flexible application option: for various applications from preliminary and intermdediate to final cleaning as well as preservation
  • Forward looking technology: suitable for operation with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols for changing production conditions
  • Reduced per-unit product costs: through volumetrically optimized batch make-up at high throughput rates
  • Enhanced parts cleanliness: improved fluid management and frequency-controlled flooding process
  • User-friendly operation: HMI operator panel for realtime monitoring of all system states, fault diagnostics and service intervals notification, supports industry 4.0
  • Ease of maintenance: smart compact construction facilitates accessibility while having a small footprint
  • Customer-specific features: over 40 different options for configuration in the basic version
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Die & Mould
  • Energy
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Railway
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Shipbuilding
EcocleanSBS Ecoclean develops and markets products, systems and service solutions for industrial cleaning technology and water-based surface treatment. Our technology and service are trusted by our customers from the automotive industry and their suppliers as well as customers from the broad industrial market – from manufacturers of parts and components for medical and optical technology to the aircraft industry.
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