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The Form 2 delivers high-resolution parts at a fraction of the cost and footprint of industrial 3D printers. Scale your prototyping and production in-house with desktop stereolithography.

The most reliable 3D printer ever created, the Form 2 works as hard as you do so you can focus on developing innovative products and bringing your most creative ideas to life. 3D print strong, detailed models with stunning surface finish.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 350x330x520 mm.
Build volume (WxDxH) 145x145x175 mm.
Laser spot diameter 140 Microns
Layer thickness (Min.) 25-100 Microns
Operating temperature Auto-heats to 35°C
Power requirements 65 W.
Technology Stereolithography (SLA)
Warranty One year (Optional pro plan available)

Available models

Formlabs Form Wash
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (WxDxH)
262x293x340 mm.
6.7 Kg.
Power requirements
50 W.
Formlabs Form Cure
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (WxDxH)
262x262x340 mm.
5.6 Kg.
Power requirements
144 W.

Key Features

  • Simple print setup.
  • Auto-orient for optimal print position.
  • Auto-mesh repair.
  • Auto-generation of supports.
  • Rotation, scaling and duplication.
  • Layer slicer for path inspection.
  • .STL and .OBJ file input.
  • .FORM file output.
  • Machinery & Manufacturing

We’re a passionate team of engineers, designers, and problem-solvers. Started out of MIT in 2011, Formlabs is now over 500 people across Boston, North Carolina, Hungary, Germany, Japan, and China. We're committed to bringing powerful and accessible fabrication tools into the creative hands of professionals around the world.

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