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The FLEXMONT series of plate mounting machines are designed for fast and accurate plate mounting to ensure the superior print quality of OPTIMA flexo printing presses.



An entry level machine designed for maximum precision and high repeatable accuracy achieved by manual mounting of the plates.


Sophisticated plate mounter designed for full automation of either of the two processes 1) plate mounting, 2) register and impression setting later during the printing process.

Available models

Max. print width
880/1050/1270/1450 mm
Max. print length
800/1300 mm
Min. print length
250/300 mm
100 x
Number of monitors and cameras
Camera positioning
manual – digital position indication
Cylinder (sleeve) positioning
Plate mounting

Key Features

  • Mounting tape holder
  • Slitting unit for mountiing tape
  • LCD displays with crosshairs
Max. print width
up to 1700 mm
Max. print length
up to 1250 mm
Plate mounting
manual, automatic, fully automatic

Key Features

  • Approx. 45 sec for plate mounting
  • Minimized downtime of the press – precise mounting
  • 0 m set-up waste for register & impression setting on the press (IRIS)

Why S-Mount?

S-Mount - Intelligent Plate Mounter

Soma Engineering

SOMA provides leading flexible packaging solutions. Its product portfolio includes best-in-class flexographic printing presses, slitter rewinders, laminators, plate mounters and die cutters. Its technologies can be applied in flexible packaging for food, non-food, labels, shrink sleeves, paper and paper board and aluminum closures.