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Scientific Instrumentation

With more investments in R&D to enhance production capacity and capability, laboratories in Australia are facing an increasing demand to produce more accurate results in less time and at a reduced cost.

As your integrated solution provider, we offer a complete portfolio of instruments, general equipment, consumables, applications and services to help you overcome complex challenges, improve results and increase productivity. 

Our laboratory and in-process applications cover a wide range of industries such as material science, energy and resources, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life science, academia and research.

Our solutions

Our special services

After-sales services

After-sales services We are committed in bringing you various after-sales services. Click through the slides below to find out more!

  • DKSH-Technology-After-sales-services-installation-and-commissioning

    Installation and commissioning

    For new system installations, we ensure a quick and efficient start up. Our experts will be at your site when you power up the system.

    • Visual inspection of unit and installation
    • Performance verification testing
    • Operator training
    • Ensure unit is functioning properly with your equipment for optimal performance

  • DKSH-Technology-After-sales-services-calibration-services

    Calibration services

    Why calibrate?

    • Improve machine accuracy and keep your machine tool in specification
    • Reduce hours to mechanically align a machine
    • Accurate machines save money
    • Regular calibrations will help recognize abnormal wear and tear
    • Produce more accurate and precise results

  • DKSH employee working with machinery

    Preventive maintenance

    Ensure your systems always function at their optimized condition with our regular maintenance services. They can also increase the life span and productivity of your instruments.

    • Performance verification testing based on recommendations by the manufacturer
    • Complete system and functionality testing
    • Improve performance and extend component life

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-repair-services

    Repair services

    A full range of repair services are available should the need arise. Our qualified and certified specialists provide timely and efficient servicing for your instruments whenever, wherever you need us.

    • Fast repair turnaround
    • Reduced instrument downtime

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-spare-part-supply

    Spare part supply

    We only use original spare parts and never compromise on quality. You can therefore always be sure that your device will continue to meet all of the required specifications even after repair.

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-quality-assurance-and-control

    Quality Assurance and Control

    Gain a peace of mind with the same benefit as the original warranty

    • All parts and labor covered
    • Repairs performed by authorized factory trained technicians
    • Only original OEM parts are used

Sample testing

Have a small sample to test but do not require the instrument regularly? Pass us your sample and we can do the testing for you. 

Turnkey engineering

Planning the flow of the entire lab can be challenging, let us take charge of the tedious procedure while you relax and see how we turn an empty room into an innovative lab.

Third party services

Besides our partner brands, our experienced engineers are also able to repair your instruments and perform calibration and preventive maintenance services. Give us a call for more information. 

Application training

We hold workshops for you to help you understand the instrument so you can fully utilize all its functions. 

Our partners

We partner with world class suppliers in providing innovative technology and best in class products in the industry.

We have helped many business partners to succeed in markets around the world. Learn how we have supported them to create new opportunities and become market leaders.

Food examination in laboratory

The Scientific Solutions industry is innovative and highly competitive. Our experts keep you informed of industry and market developments, so you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge.

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